2018 Honda Pioneer 700-4

There is two version of the 700 cc UTV model made by Honda. Besides the standard, we can purchase the 2018 Honda Pioneer 700-4 edition. While the regular utility terrain vehicle can take one passenger and driver, the extended version has room for four. So, while the Pioneer 700 is a working vehicle, the 2018 Pioneer 700-4 is transporting people in the back. Besides this, there are also some other differences to make the 700-4 UTV more appealing. The side-by-side vehicle is also perfect for off-road ride and adventures.

Honda Pioneer 700-4 front

2018 Honda Pioneer 700-4 colors and accessories

Differences in appearance between 2018 Honda Pioneer 700-4 and regular Pioneer 700 UTV start with colors. Red and olive are available for the base units, and silver for Deluxe edition on the new 700 SxS. The Honda 700-4 is red only. However, the Deluxe trim brings orange and camo schemes, for more attractive appearance. Buyers can customize their UTV with various extra features. Among many accessories, we can mention two types of the windscreen, bed extender, and bimini top. Hard parts are the most expensive features, and owners can get their side-by-side units with hard doors, top, and rear panel. Of course, we recommend you to upgrade the vehicle with a bedliner.

Honda Pioneer 700-4 rear

2018 Honda Pioneer 700-4 engine

As its sibling, the 2018 Honda Pioneer 700-4 is using a 675 cc engine. This unit is using liquid-cooling. It has a great capability for an off-road ride. Thanks to almost 11 inches of ground clearance, it is hard to find an obstacle that will stop it. Front and rear suspensions allow long travels. The front is 7.9, and the rear one 9.1 inches. The tank can take 8 gallons of fuel, and 1.2 goes to reserve. Towing capacity of the 2018 Pioneer 700-4 is 1500 pounds.

Honda Pioneer 700-4 interior

2018 Honda Pioneer 700-4 prices and competition

Besides the choices in its own family, the 2018 Honda Pioneer 700-4 will see competition from Yamaha Wolverine X4. The upper trim is more expensive than the base SxS for $1,700. The standard 700-4 costs $12,299, while the deluxe version is $13,700 without upgrades. With hard elements, the Honda Pioneer 700-4 goes up to $17,000.

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