2018 Honda Pioneer 1000

The 2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 is a perfect vehicle for work and fun. If your job includes riding over tough, muddy terrains, the UTV doesn’t have a problem with it. On the other hand, loaded with a bunch of modern features, the vehicle can be the best option for a ride into wildness. For the new edition, Honda prepared modern innovations. Both braking and safety get an improvement with the brand-new I-4WD system. This is for the first time a UTV uses this kind of braking. Also, the Pioneer 700 will follow steps of its bigger sibling.

2018 Honda Pioneer 1000

2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 specs

The Pioneer 1000 UTV raised the scale when we talk about the performance on heavy, rocky and muddy terrains. This time, for 2018 Honda Pioneer 1000, the company brings once again a twin-cylinder Unicam 999cc engine. There is also a six-speed gearbox with Dual Clutch Transmission. This was the first UTV that fully used automatic mechanical transmission. The model for 2018 season carries over the gearbox. As a result, smooth gear changes and reliable power transfer are obtained. Of course, this Honda also has the option of manual gear change. The driver also can choose whether to use the drive on two or all four wheels.

2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 wheel

2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 features

For a better off-road experience, 2018 Honda Pioneer 1000  offers complete 27-in tires. There is also front / rear independent double-wishbone suspension. The highlight of the model is an I-4WD system. “I” stands for intelligent. This is the first side-by-side vehicle to use this kind of brake-traction control system. Another strength of the new Pioneer 1000 is its QuickFlip system for seats. So far, the vehicle could take up to three passengers, but now it is increased to five.

2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 rear

2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 price and versions

The 2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 is available in three trim levels. The base one costs $14,500. Upper trim comes with ABS system, that increases the price to $15,700. The last, but not the least, is the Limited Edition of Honda Pioneer 1000 UTV. This is the only model that goes over $20,000. Its price is $20,300 without extra features.

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