2018 Honda PCX Electric and Hybrid bikes

Fans of Honda scooters set their sights on the PCX lineup for next season. If you think something special is happening with existing PCX125 and PCX150 models, you are wrong. It is something bigger than a redesign, addition of another model, or change in the engine room. Even the news about cheaper bikes couldn’t be bigger from all-electric and hybrid versions. Yes, the 2018 Honda PCX Electric is going to set new standards in the industry and make all other companies start their own lineups.

2018 Honda PCX Electric

2018 Honda PCX Electric competition

As a scooter, the 2018 Honda PCX Electric will have the biggest competition in Piaggio. The Italian manufacturer announced earlier that in 2018 we can expect their version of electric Vespa. Nevertheless, this is the compact scooter with capabilities of a 50 cc bike.

2018 PCX Electric and Hybrid US release

Unfortunately, the major market in the automotive world won’t see the first edition of 2018 PCX Electric and Hybrid bike. On the other part of the world, Japanese and Asian fans will be lucky to purchase both electric and hybrid units.

2018 Honda PCX Electric storage

2018 Honda PCX Electric details

The 2018 Honda PCX Electric is going to be a solution for tight urban streets and heavy traffic. Agility and performance will make it a perfect bike for such conditions. The appearance of electric and hybrid versions will be pretty much the same. The difference is in the bigger rear fender. Also, two motorcycles will use blue and white color schemes, so we can easily recognize each one.

2018 Honda PCX Hybrid info

Besides the 2018 Honda PCX Electric, the Japanese carmaker is making a first hybrid bike. Electric batteries and ACG starter assist feature are not going to make it clumsy or lazy. While we still don’t know what combo would it be, the PCX Hybrid is going to develop the similar amount of power and torque as the conventional bike. Styling is elegant with the combination of the dark blue body with silver details and accents.

2018 Honda PCX Electric hybrid

2018 Honda PCX Electric and Hybrid release date

The 2018 Honda PCX Electric and Hybrid bikes expect the debut in Japan. After that, the rest of Asian market will see these in salons. The PCX Electric motorcycle could arrive in US and Europe in 2019.

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