2018 Honda Legend

Although new 2018 Honda Legend will not be available on USA market, it is quite possible to be a better breakthrough on the European and Asian market. There is a similar model for all American fans with similar features and that is Acura RLX. With similar features, practical for everyday life and chores and tasks, this model is a way to use in every way. Now, with upgraded performance and sporty design, there will be no mistakes choosing the right car. New engine specs are also with many additions and with affordable price, it tends to be more demanded than previous models.

2018 Honda Legend

2018 Honda Legend hybrid engine

New 2018 Honda Legend engine will have interesting construction. There will be just one possible solution for its engine. That will be the gas V-6 3.5-liter system with a mixture of DCT 7-speed transmission with all Wheel Super Managing driving feature. The new arrival is coming with a hybrid set up, and this engine will be paired with three electric engines. Every individual engine will have its own role – one to the front wheel and two for the rear axle. The second option and possible solution is a self-sufficient engine with a power of producing 36 hp of their own. When it comes to V6 electric engine productivity will rise to 387 hp.

2018 Honda Legend interior

2018 Honda Legend redesign

The new design of 2018 Honda Legend is a nice surprise. This model is going to be a mixture of the all-wheel driving system which is very useful and desirable. Combination of Hybrid Drive, EV Drive, and Engine Drive will have better results and also better marks. However, significant fuel economy is also present. The new design gives many comfort and weight drop. Since new dimensions are larger and more aggressive, the new vehicle is spacious inside and it has much space opened for upgrades in the cabin. With high-class features and natural genuine materials in use, there is also great technical support.

2018 Honda Legend engine

2018 Honda Legend price

Final announcement for new 2018 Honda Legend is not official yet. There is a prediction about the release date of new Legend to come at the end of 2017 or the start of 2018. For the first starting price, the Legend will see a price tag of around $50,000. For more upgraded models price will certainly go higher than for base models. The Legend model will join the Civic in the hybrid lineup. 

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