2018 Honda Jazz

Few sketches woke up fans of hatchbacks and made them believe new vehicle is on the way. Although current model is still active on the market, we are sure that 2018 Honda Jazz is coming. With new styling, exterior lines and interior touches, it offers more excitement than before. Nevertheless, Japanese carmaker didn’t forget about performance. Stronger and more economical engines are ready for upcoming car. Vehicle worth of waiting. Competition will have to act fast if they want to keep the pace with latest Honda’s model.

2018 honda  jazz

2018 Honda Jazz drivetrain

Source of power for 2018 Honda Jazz is not confirmed yet. There are rumors telling about various engines, but clear information is missing. We can cull few of them, comparing it to similar models and exciting powertrains. Favorite is a 1.5-l petrol unit with 4-cylinders. We like to hear that similar engine could be mated to a electric batteries, making hybrid of new Jazz. A 1.5-l i-VTEC drivetrain is main source of power in this combination. Alternatives are 3 unique pressure electric motors. Furthermore, 1.3-l DOHC unit is considered as possible second choice. However, there is no rumor about this mill as possible partner to electric motors in hybrid system.

2018 honda  jazz side view

2018 Honda Jazz transmission

As it is with drivetrain, situation is not clear for gearbox. Continually Variable Transmission is favorite for hybrid powertrain. On the other hand, traditional petrol engines could send power to traditional shifting box. Manual option could be 6-speed transmission, and other models could get 7-speed automated DCT.

2018 honda  jazz rear view

2018 Honda Jazz redesign

From the images presented as 2018 Honda Jazz, we can see modern and elegant hatchback. Comparing to current version, new grille is notable. Furthermore, it seems like curves of hood and side panels are modified. By that, aerodynamic is boosted. Another information we found says new 2018 Jazz is lighter. Nevertheless, change is not radical, since there is save of about 80 pounds. We believe safety is going to be at highest level. That means hatch is coming packed with a lot of assist features, such as lane departure and parking sensors.

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