2018 Honda HR-V

The 2018 Honda HR-V is expected to come refreshed, according to various reports. This mini crossover appeared once again, after almost a decade of brake. As you probably know, original model was launched in late 90’s and it was produced until 2006. Finally, this nameplate is active once again. Last year we saw a second generation of it. New model is now the smallest crossover in Honda’s lineup. If we consider company’s usual production cycle, it is expected that refresh will come somewhere in a about two years. Refreshed model will come mostly with visual changes, while some bigger technical modifications are not expected.

2018 Honda HR-V changes

2018 Honda HR-V front view

New generation of this small crossover came last year. New model is an entry-level model, when it is about crossover. It is characterize by attractive look and many advanced technologies. When it is about visual appearance, it is clear that many elements are borrowed from bigger CR-V. In this aspect, most of the changes for 2018 Honda HR-V are expected. However, new model looks very fresh and modern. It is completely adapted to the Honda’s latest design language. So, even in this aspect you should not expect anything radical. The 2018 HR-V will come probably only with some tweaks at the front. We will see maybe modified grille and lighting. At the rear end, it is hard to expect some changes. When it is about interior, changes in styling are not expected, but we could see some new features in offer, or updates of current hi-tech drive-assist and entertainment systems.

2018 Honda HR-V interior

2018 Honda HR-V engine

The 2018 Honda HR-V will continue in the same way, when it is about engines. There will be two variants in offer. North American model will come with 1.8 liter inline-four engine, which has maximum output of 150 horsepower and 140 pound-feet of torque. This engine comes paired with either 6-speed manual transmission or CVT. For the European and some other markets, 2018 Honda HR-V will be powered with 1.5 liter inline-four engine. This unit is good enough for about 120 horses and 115 lb-ft. This engine comes only with manual gear box and it is not available for the U.S. market.

2018 Honda HR-V rear view

2018 Honda HR-V release date and price

The 2018 Honda HR-V is expected to come somewhere in 2018, but some even predict that refreshed model could come in late 2017. In any case, price is expected to remain unchanged, which means starting price of around 20.000 dollars.

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11 Responses to 2018 Honda HR-V

  1. Bill says:

    It needs 175 HP.

  2. KellyCA says:

    Needs more horsepower, power seats, and auto liftgate.

  3. Josep Maria says:

    A car that seems an AWD, MUST HAVE an AWD diesel version in Europe.
    Otherwise this car will keep on telling lies, and people will keep on feeling tricked.

  4. André says:

    I am wating for it in 2018. I dont go tô buy in 2017. What do You think about this guys?
    I need help

  5. Zeke Zachari says:

    Andre, in 2014, while waiting for the original release of the HR-V in the United States I read what little was available on the Internet. I loved the idea of downsizing from my 2002 CR-V that then had 240,000 miles on it. I also loved the look.

    I test drove the 2016 model as soon as it arrive at the dealer in June 2015. drove it immediately after it arrived at my the dealer in I believe June 2015. Loved th look and the idea of AWD in a Honda smaller than my 2002 CR-V, which now has 248,000 miles. What I found distressing about the car were it’s mediocre gas mileage relative to the larger and heavier CR-V, it’s noisy drive due to a lack of adequate insulation, whiny sounding CVT, feeling of being underpowered, full touch screen controls (no knobs) that make it difficult and dangerous to use while driving. The 1.8 engine in the 2016 and 2017 HR-V is the same engine as was used for years in the old Civic. However, the new 2017 Civic offers the new 1.5 turbo, but Honda chose not to put it into the H R-V. That alone, makes me want to wait or skip the HR-V altogether.

    Even if I purchase the most expensive HR-V model, the EX-L with navigation, this car does not come with power seats. Neither is there mechanical lumbar support knob. Honda is like Apple, they make good hardware but you pay a lot for less. I have owned 3 Hondas over the years and they have served me well, but I can’t breathe no myself to buy the HR-V as is. If my 2002 CR-V, now with 249K on it makes it until the release of the 2018 HR-V in the summer or fall of 2017 and this model includes the 1.5 turbo and is quieter, then I will probably purchase it. If not, I may have to go for my third CR-V or look for another option at that time. As is, the HR -V is NOT a great value fo me.

    The fact that the 2017 HR-V was just 1 he or 2 mpg more fuel efficient than the 2016 CR-V is disheartening. I imagine that when Honda hopefully puts the 1.5 turbo in the HR-V, for the 2018 model year, thiis car it will be quicker and more fuel efficient. or 2 mpg better than the larger CR-V. MY heart wants the HR-V but my brain tells me that I am not getting what I really want and, therefore , for me it’s not a good value. I look forward to my CR-V holding up for one more year, and then purchasing the new and improved HR-V or the CR-V, or possibly another car from another company. I like my Hondas, so I am hoping Honda reads these comments and realizes there are other that feel the same way. I know from my own experience that Honda is responsive to critiques of their cars. That’s another reason they are so good. They evolve based issues, complaints, and suggestions that Honda acts upon.

    • Steve says:

      You should check out the new 2017 CR-V. They improved the fuel economy to 32 hwy/26 city on the AWD model, They improved the horsepower to 190 HP, and they refreshed the styling and gave it a lower stance to look more like the HR-V. The interior also benefits from more comfort features such as a power passenger seat.

  6. Mike says:

    150 HP is still under-powered – that acceleration time to 60mph on an on ramp is just unbearable. It should be on par with the Nissan Rogue in the 170 HP range. It still wont be a monster off the line but at least it’ll be somewhat fun to drive.

  7. Maria M says:

    I absolutely agree with Mike. Honda customers paying a decent price for this car fully loaded. The very least they should do is add some horsepower. 170HP to 180HP is acceptable for a this type of vehicle.. HONDA needs to step it up. Consumers do compare. If Honda would step it up this car would be a huge seller. Oh buy the way… please add power seats… It’s almost “2017”… Let’s go Honda.. you can do it!!

  8. L Rose says:

    I am Fit owner since ’07 and would like to buy a Honda again as the car has been very reliable- not to mention great gas mileage/great for the environment as well.
    I am not comfortable driving a large SUV. Additionally, parking in the city would be even more difficult with a larger vehicle. I liked the size and styling of the 2017 HR-V. However, the seats lack lumbar support and became uncomfortable within the short duration of a test drive.
    Unfortunately, as it does not look like Honda is adressing the issue around supportive seating, I will probably buy the Nissan Sport who’s is due to arrive by June. This is too bad for many reasons. I am 10 years older now, along with my FIT, and need more support as I have. I suspect there are many more customers with the same needs who are attracted to the compact crossovers for the reasons areasst mentioned.

  9. Karen Johnson says:

    I am considering an HR-V but am confused by why they have the middle console (between the front seats) going all the way to the dash and the gearshift thus obstructing the instrument panels. Does anyone find that annoying??

  10. BEER says:

    I NEED 7 SEAT HRV 2018.

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