2018 Honda Grace

It is not a very popular phrase or information about Honda vehicles. Although Japanese car and motorcycle maker, is worldwide famous, it is not so common in the USA. New 2018 Honda Grace is proving the opposite. With new redesign and performance, this car has many interesting novelties, so the demanding in American market gone surprisingly well. With many changed features so far, the famous car maker is going to provide a new offer to all markets, especially to increase sell percentage in next year.

2018 Honda Grace

2018 Honda Grace redesign

The new 2018 Honda Grace is coming with more of high-quality materials. There are several insecure features, such as the front part with a narrow grille. New LED lights will also be in use in the overall concept. Several color options are in the offer and which makes this sedan more appealing to an eye. Some rumor says that wheelbase will be offered as 15 or 16-inch which looks good in combo with impressive dors from external view. The cabin is spacious and wider and will have enough room for several passengers. New leather materials will go underline with wood details. The dashboard is going to be equipped with latest technical support.

2018 Honda Grace dashboard

2018 Honda Grace engine

More engine options are valid for this brand, which is more than a secure way to accommodate many clients and future customers. People love the possibility of choice so engine for new 2018 Honda Grace will have several options. Probably, according to many experts, main engine option will be 1.5-liter four-cylinder Atkinson engine. However, some rumors say that engine should be a hybrid, with stronger features and performances. Nevertheless, combining several types we can expect the outcome of 140-hp and 220 pound-feet of torque.

2018 Honda Grace rear

2018 Honda Grace price

Although many details are not familiar yet, we know that 2018 Honda Grace is already coming to an end with the production process. We can expect it by the end of the current year or even before that. The new Grace will probably come with Honda Legend vehicle for 2018. Starting price will be around $14,200 and it should not go over than $15,000. Some market analysis says that more updated units will have maybe twice as high price than the base model.

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