2018 Honda Forza 300

The 2018 Honda Forza 300 is not an ordinary scooter. It is easy to park the bike, which is also stylish. In addition to its pleasant looks, power, and comfort, it offers plenty of fun. This is not the first Honda 300 cc scooter in the lineup, but Forza 300 is the most exciting one. With success of its predecessor, 2018 year model is ready to lure more buyers. New design and details will boost overall impression and comfort. With the new edition, Honda is trying to stay competitive.

2018 Honda Forza 300

2018 Honda Forza 300 seating

The highlight of the 2018 Honda Forza 300 scooter is its seat. At the first sight, we can note that the seat is very large. Shorter riders will have to slip from it, so getting off is not so easy. However, the sitting in very comfortable. The rider’s position is relaxing, ergonomically brought to perfection. Even taller riders will notice this. Also, the height of the seat will be suitable for women. Of course, a large saddle also includes a bigger luggage compartment. There is enough room for two jet helmets, but not the full ones because it is shallow.

2018 Honda Forza 300 front

2018 Honda Forza 300 driving impression

Predecessors of the 2018 Honda Forza 300 are well-known for its riding feeling. In addition to being comfortable, Forza 300 is very drivable. This engine is easy to control. It has an almost immediate response to the gas. Driving is almost the same in the city and on the highway. ABS brakes are suitable for different situations. The 2018 Forza 300 can easily reach 150 km/h, or 90 mph. The engine volume is 279 ccm. It is capable to deliver 24 hp. This is 2 hp more than its most similar sibling SH300.

2018 Honda Forza 300

2018 Honda Forza 300 price and conclusion

Honda designers have done a very good job because even mopeds’ lovers can like such scooter. The 2018 Honda Forza 300 is the best way to fill the gap between the PCX150 and Gold Wing. Attractive looks and a good price ranging similar to Yamaha X-max and Piaggio Beverly 300, Forza 300 can definitely attract a big number of new customers of different ages. Well, a new model of the motorcycle will cost around $6,000.

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3 Responses to 2018 Honda Forza 300

  1. Larry Nelson says:

    I’d love to see the 2018 Forza 300 come to the USA. I’ve been looking at the Yamaha Xmax 300, but I would like to stick with Honda.
    I have a 2013 Pcx 150 that I’d like trade up to a bigger scooter.

    • Steven says:

      This is my exact dilemma right now. I want a 300 scooter for my very short work commute (8 miles round trip, 6 of them on the highway). Mostly, it will provide me with front of the building parking instead of the across campus, take a shuttle, parking lot. I also want to stick with Honda but no one is even sure if this will come to the US. So I am leaning for hard towards a new Xmax or maybe a cheap used Forza and upgrade to the new version if it ever comes.

      • lawrence says:

        Get a left-over 2015 you won’t be disappointed. Lots of stateside dealers still have some they got stuck with, the US market is beyond analysis. There have been no significant changes in concept or specification comparing the 2015 Forza 300 to the 2018 European introduction. On your 8 mile trek, you’d wish it were 20 miles, these things are a blast. I can see why Honda discontinued the 600 SilverWing, this 300 has got awesome highway power. Fun miles, and easily gets mid to high 70s miles per gallon. Ask me how I know (Lol!).

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