2018 Honda CTX700N

The CTX lineup of Honda motorcycles is not so big, but it remains pretty exciting. The company offers only 700 cc units, but that is enough for a fun. The 2018 Honda CTX700N had bad selling results, so the Japanese producer decided to make a break. Now, for 2018, the motorbike returns. Not only that we will see a CTX700N, but also a Honda CTX700 model. The difference is in the look. The N letter stands for “Naked”. Also, being a bare model, makes the price go down. So, for buyers that want to save some money, the 2018 CTX700N will be a better solution than its sibling. However, the other one will have its advantages, especially in design, but performance is pretty much the same.

2018 Honda CTX700N

2018 Honda CTX700N styling

The main difference between the 2018 Honda CTX700N and CTX700 models is not just in one letter in the name. The first one is “naked” because it lacks something that we can find on the other bike. First of all, it is the windshield. The CTX700N doesn’t offer it. So, the rider has no this kind of protection. Furthermore, this bike, compared to the CTX700, doesn’t have a fairing. Front and rear plastic are not there for “naked” bike. With it, the Honda CTX700N is not going to provide more protection for the rider. Also, the air drag is not reduced as for its sibling.

2018 Honda CTX700N vs CTX700

2018 Honda CTX700N changes

We already said that the CTX700N motorcycle had a year of pause in production. So, it is normal to expect some changes to a new model. The new bike comes in black color by default. The last edition came with a silver metallic option. Furthermore, the 2018 Honda CTX700N will use only an automatic DCT gearbox. This means the company engineers drop the 6-pace manual transmission for 2018 season.

2018 Honda CTX700N

2018 Honda CTX700N engine and specs

The power mill for the 2018 Honda CTX700N is a 670 cc liquid-cooled engine. This parallel-twin unit is good for 47 hp. Also, it’s low-end and mid-range torque level is great. Furthermore, the ride is easier and safer with an ABS brake system. Finally, some would find interesting that new Honda CTX700N can achieve 65 mpg.

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