2018 Honda CTX700

CTX lineup in Honda class stands for Comfort, Technology, and Experience. The number plate roughly speaks about the volume of the drive unit – 670 “cubic. The new 2018 Honda CTX700 offers a good riding dynamics, but also a comfortable ride. Combined with a new aggregate with a low vibration level, the CTX models should offer an equally light ride in city and countryside conditions. The design is very similar to the new generation of Gold Wing. Further, it should increase the attractiveness of the low-positioned CTX700 model.

2018 Honda CTX700 ride

2018 Honda CTX700 engine

The powertrain, a 2-cylinder with 670 unit, remains unchanged. The gearbox is a classic 6-speed. The mill is capable to deliver the power of 48 hp / 36 kW. However, the ABS braking system is already installed on the motorcycle as a standard feature. The ā€žDā€œ models – CTX700D and CTX700ND, are equipped with an automatic double-clutch transmission. Riding quality and handling was at very high level because the bike is very light. However, there is always a room for improvements.

2018 Honda CTX700 rear

2018 Honda CTX700 design

In 2018 Honda CTX700 models, the Japanese manufacturer tried to construct a chassis so it equally suits drivers of different heights. This is a traditional problem when it comes to mid-range machines. The wheelbase of 2018 Honda CTX700 bike is 1530 mm, while the seat height at 720 mm. From there, the rider will have a perfect view and improved visibility. This will make you more comfortable and safer. The affordable price, practicality, lightness, and above all, versatility, are the result of excellent sales of 2018 Honda CTX700 predecessors.

2018 Honda CTX700

2018 Honda CTX700 verdict

Three levels of 2018 Honda CTX700 will make this bike perfect for any buyers. Price of the entry level CTX700N is $7,000. The standard model CTX700 costs $800 more, while the bike is coming with DCT and ABS. However, that makes Honda CTX700ND costs $1000 more. For this money, we will get great seating position. Footpegs provide the relaxed position of knees and legs. So, the Honda CTX700 will make any long ride pretty enjoyable.

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