2018 Honda CRF50F

Showing its commitment to the off-road two-wheel machines, Honda announced its lineup for 2018. Especially interesting are details of four models in the CRF line, known for its reliability and enjoyment. When it comes to four-stroke mid-size models, two models are offered – CRF125F or CRF125FB. Both machines have a great balance between performance and comfort, with the common goal of providing a safe and exciting ride. The next motorcycle in the lineup is smaller CRF110F. At the end, the new 2018 Honda CRF50F comes with a legendary legacy that dates back to the day of the Honda Z50. The 50cc engine has a modern style, incredible durability and an exceptional combination of useful power and easy handling. With the weight of 110 pounds, it is definitely a great machine for beginners.

2018 Honda CRF50F

2018 Honda CRF50F legacy

The 2018 Honda CRF50F is a successor of the original Z50A K0. However, many things changes since the new bike overtook its position.  The Honda CRF50F is using a SOHC drivetrain and a full suspension. Wheels are bigger now. The Z50A had 8-inchers, while the new CRF is coming with 10-inchers. But, one thing is in common – durability. Old machine raised its reputation thanks to reliable and durable drivetrains. The CRF50F not only inherits that but also upgrades.

2018 Honda CRF50F rear wheel

2018 Honda CRF50F drivetrain

The 50 year long legacy of the Z50A continues with engine option. The source of power for 2018 Honda CRF50F is still a 49 cc unit with air-cooling and 3-speed transmission. It is so simple, that rookies will get into this auto-clutch gearbox pretty fast. Drum brakes are on both ends. The front suspension is an inverted telescopic fork, while we have a single-shock suspension on the back. Travel is 3.5 inches and 2.8 inches respectively.

2018 Honda CRF50F

2018 Honda CRF50F price and conclusion

With its size, the 2018 Honda CRF50F is a perfect bike for novices and rookies on two wheels. However, you must be pretty young and tiny to jump on the saddle. The age is not set, but the company leaves up to parents to decide if this motorcycle is suitable for their children. The price is also affordable. For $1,500, parents will get more than just a toy for their kids.

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