2018 Honda CRF150R

The 2018 Honda CRF150R is an excellent transition when rookies are trying to get to 250 cc class. It is sudden and risky move to jump there from 100 cc bike. So, a unit with 150 cc is the perfect solution for some riding before young riders gather enough experience. The CRF150R motorcycle will show to novices what to expect in bigger class and how to handle the big torque. Also, this is a transition from two-stroke units two 4-stroke. It would seem to be easy, but without a couple of years of experience, this change is a must.

2018 Honda CRF150R

2018 Honda CRF150R size

Jumping from 110 cc bike to 2018 Honda CRF150R is going to be very easy. Similar sizes and design will make this bike perfect. It is downsized version of the Honda CRF150F model. A 50-inch wheelbase is shorter than for its sibling with the same volume but longer than CRF110F offers. Also, the seating position is 32 inches from the ground. So, riders will slowly get used to the higher saddle and better visibility. The same is with ground clearance.

2018 Honda CRF150R rear

2018 Honda CRF150R vs CRF150F

Although these two vehicles have the same number in its name, differences are not minor between them. The F model is much heavier. The extra weight of 50 pounds is making it tougher to handle and maneuver. The Honda CRF150R has a larger gap under the bike. With almost two inches higher of extra ground clearance, it will go over higher obstacles. Also, although both are using 149 cc engine, CRF150F uses air cooling, while the liquid is required for CRF150R.

2018 Honda CRF150R fuel tank

2018 Honda CRF150R impressions

Previous editions of 2018 Honda CRF150R showed great response and torque. Thanks to new cylinders and pistons, riding this bike is much easier. The reliable carburetor is not going to fail when you need quick acceleration. That is one of the main advantages of CRF150R motorcycle. Suspensions on both sides are set for off-road action. Not only that driving impression is great for this small bike, but also the appearance stands up. With beautiful race graphics, you will have an impression as you are riding some bigger sibling. All in all, 2018 CRF150R is going to be an excellent choice to step into the world of big off-road bikes.

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