2018 Honda CRF125F

When you are big enough for the entry-level CRF110F bike, Honda will offer the bigger one. It is a 2018 Honda CRF125F. With it, the lineup of the CRF-F lineup is wider, and it brings fun to more fans. The motorcycle is excellent for wildness. Riding it off the road is its speciality. Furthermore, the engine is not too big for a fast drive, but it supplies the rider with enough power for an adventure. That is not all. The Honda CRF125F is one of the most versatile bikes in the lineup thanks to two versions of the offer. Besides the base bike, buyers can also pick the one with a big wheel. That is exactly the name of this version, or you can find it at 2018 Honda CRF125FB.

2018 Honda CRF125F

2018 Honda CRF125F vs Big Wheel

Two bikes are pretty much the same. Both of them are using the same engine, transmission, suspension, and brakes. As the name suggests, the Big Wheel bike has larger wheels. Standard 2018 Honda CRF125F uses the 70/100 17-inch front Tire, and 90/100 14-inch on the rear end. The Big Wheel version has a 70/100 19-inch and 90/100 16-inch wheels. Of course, the bigger is the front one. This also causes the larger dimensions. With Big Wheel we get 94 mm trail instead of 81 mm for a base vehicle. The seat is 2 inches higher and curbs weight 2 pounds heavier. Finally, the riders will know to appreciate extra 2 inches of ground clearance.

2018 Honda CRF125F

2018 Honda CRF125F performance

Both 2018 Honda CRF125F and the Big Wheel are going to use the same 124.9 cc air-cooled engine. The four-stroke unit has a Pro-Link rear and telescopic fork as the front suspension. Bore is 52 mm and stroke 58 mm. Furthermore, the new Honda CRF125F uses a drum rear brake and hydraulic disc front brake. Options are the same for the Big Wheel.

2018 Honda CRF125F rear

2018 Honda CRF125F prices

The base model of 2018 Honda CRF125F comes in red color by default. Its price is $3,000. This bike has no extra additions offered by the company. The Big Wheel model costs $400 more. Also, this version can come with a workstand that costs $125 more.

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