2018 Honda CR-Z

According to the latest reports, 2018 Honda CR-Z will completely redesigned. This model was originally launched in 2010. It is a sport compact hybrid electric car, which came with the pretty unique design, compared to the usual models in this segment. Company tried to offer something new, a sporty hatchback with hybrid powertrain. However, this model didn’t make some good enough results so far. On many markets like Europe and Australia, it isn’t available anymore, due to weak sales. However, company goes for another try. The 2018 Honda CR-Z will come completely redesigned. It will arrive somewhere in 2017, according to rumors.

2018 Honda CR-Z redesign

2018 Honda CR-Z

As we already mention, company is working on the second-generation model. New model will come completely redesigned. The 2018 Honda CR-Z will come with completely new appearance. It will be based on the new Civic in many aspects. It is expected that these two cars will share the same platform, including engine. New model will use many lightweight materials in its constructions, so it will be significantly lighter than its predecessor. It will also get new look. The 2018 CR-Z will based on the company’s new design language, based mostly on new Civic.

2018 Honda CR-Z interior

Same thing is about interior, where we are going to see completely redesigned cabin with most of the elements borrowed from company’s compact bestseller. New Honda CR-Z will come with the same 3-door hatchback body configuration, but it is still unclear, will it feat 2+2 seat configuration, or it will come without rear seats, as it is case with current U.S. model.

2018 Honda CR-Z engine

This is probably the weakest part of the current model. Simply, it isn’t powerful enough to provide some more dynamic drive. It outputs 122 horsepower and 128 lb-ft of max torque. The 2018 Honda CR-Z will have significantly more power, according to the some reports. New model is expected to use the same engine as new Civic Type R. It is a new 2.0 liter turbo engine. Paired with some electric motor, it is expected that the total output will be around 280 horsepower. Finally if this comes true, new model will come with completely different character and it will become a true sporty hatchback.

2018 Honda CR-Z rear view

2018 Honda CR-Z release date and price

Exact date of launch is still unknown. According to some reports, new model will come somewhere during 2017, as 2018 Honda CR-Z. Price is still unknown, but new model will surely cost a little bit more than the current model.

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