2018 Honda City

With tradition of more than 35 years, City is one of the longest lasting models in Honda’s family. This wasn’t achieved by chance. Contrary, constant innovations and additions with every new model are secret of success. Upcoming 2018 Honda City is coming refreshed. New generation is not planned yet. However, few updates will make vehicle competitive. Asian market is main for City, where its popularity raised to maximum. Although there is no many changes, fans and all users waiting for it will welcome new model. This is just classic refresh for Honda, to keep up with competition.

2018 Honda City

2018 Honda City redesign

The 2018 Honda City is a 4-door family car. Its compatibility and fuel economy are main advantages over the competition. However, Honda made it special with many design and stylish details. Nevertheless, these are present both outside and inside the vehicle. For example, headlights and taillights are using modern LED lamps. Grille is revisited, so new 2018 City looks refreshed. Inside, infotainment system is making a ride enjoyable. Not only that, but also seats are comfortable. Drivers can feel safer with new commands placed on the steering wheel. Also, voice commands will be improved.

2018 Honda City side view

2018 Honda City engine

Another advantage of the car is its fuel economy. Its name, City, describes purpose. Fuel consumption is increased in urban area. So, 2018 Honda City must have economical engine. That is 1.5-l 4-cylinder unit with exceptional fuel economy of 42 mpg. However, power did not suffer because of it. New vehicle can deliver 130 horses and 120 lb-ft of torque. This petrol unit could get backup with diesel option. Furthermore, it is not impossible to see 2018 City as hybrid unit. However, this wasn’t announced yet, so this type of drivetrain could appear few months after base unit. Standard transmission will be CVT box, no matter which powertrain is going to be used.

2018 Honda City rear view

2018 Honda City release date

Release of the 2018 Honda City will be late in 2017. During that year, we can see the premiere of the car at some of the big car shows. Price is unknown yet. However, since there are no big changes, we can expect it to be close to the current model.

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