2018 Honda CBR300R

After Kawasaki and KTM opened the motorcycle market of 300 cc units in 2013, it was only a matter of time before other competitors would go that way. Honda responded quickly with the new CBR300R. The bike is the global player that heads into the new edition. The small sports model replaced the previous CBR250R and positioned itself under the model CBR400R. While 400 cc bike is available only in its homeland Japan, the 2018 Honda CBR300R will come out worldwide. Honda is as usual mysterious, and so far they served us only two photos. The technical data is still not confirmed, as well as many other details.

2018 Honda CBR300R

2018 Honda CBR300R specs

The 2018 Honda CBR300R is based on the same platform as the CB300F. It gets the power from a single-cylinder engine of 286 cc capacity. This four-stroke mill can develop 30 hp and 20 lb-ft of torque. The DOHC unit has liquid cooling, and there are no special changes when the transmission is in question. So, we expect a six-speed manual transmission.

2018 Honda CBR300R seat

2018 Honda CBR300R updates

Comparing to its rivals, the seat of the 2018 Honda CBR300R is slightly higher. With it, the machine is now more suitable for daily driving in urban conditions. We believe that nothing changes on the frame. That means Honda CBR300R will get the same tubular frame as the CB300F, with the Pro-Link adjustable shock absorber. Honda opts for 17-inch wheels, with the 110/70 front and 140/70 rear. The 296 mm front rotor and 220-mm rear disc are brakes for the bike. Compared to its sibling, the wheelbase and seat height remains the same at 55 and 30 inches respectively. The weight, however, goes up to around 5 pounds. It won’t affect the mileage of the new CBR300R.

2018 Honda CBR300R front

2018 Honda CBR300R price

The change is also coming when we talk about the price of 2018 Honda CBR300R. The base model is now $100 more expensive than the last edition from 2015. It makes it $4,500. Also, the ABS edition is $500 more than the standard unit and costs $5,000 roughly.

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