2018 Honda Africa Twin

For more than a decade, we have been waiting for Honda to begin production of one of its best-selling models, Africa Twin. As far as we are concerned, every day of waiting is paid off. Now, we will see it again as 2018 Honda Africa Twin. The design of new Africa resembles the styling of the late 20th century. Of course, materials are a new, of better-quality. Also, the instrument panel is in step with the new era, but the basic idea has remained the same. The 2018 Africa Twin motorcycle is slim, like a young stallion.

2018 Honda Africa Twin ride

2018 Honda Africa Twin impressions

As soon as you turn the key in the lock, you will hear the recognizable sound of the twin engine. While driving, in curves, the bike is excellent at both low and high speeds. It is easy to steep, and in all turns, it has a sufficient amount of reserve power to respond to a faster hit on the gas handle. Although it has 95 horsepower, this lack is felt only at high speeds. The output is less than competitor bikes are offering, for example, the BMW R1200 GS.

2018 Honda Africa Twin display

2018 Honda Africa Twin styling

The ease with which this motorcycle is riding is at an enormously high level. Its small width is ideal for riding between cars and for urban areas. True fans of 2018 Honda Africa Twin will feel the real power of design in highway ride. There are few color options for this motorcycle. One is tricolor, there is also red, gray, and black combination. The saddle is extremely comfortable and its height can be adjusted in the range of 850 to 870 mm. The passenger seat is also excellent and does not require any concern during the ride, even when it comes off the road.

2018 Honda Africa Twin

2018 Honda Africa Twin summary

The 2018 Honda Africa Twin should make a better impression than its predecessor. And the bike is great already. Equipped with all the latest systems, it shouldn’t be a problem. Also, retaining the recognizable lines and looks from a few decades ago will make older riders want this model. Finally, the price is affordable for such vehicle. The base model, without extras, costs $13,500.

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