2018 Honda Accord Hybrid

After the premiere appearance back in 2014, Honda has made many new series of sedans, but not so much long waited as this. With redesign and powertrain endurance, an overall concept with stronger performance is going to be viral. Designers are giving us the pleasure to enjoy in latest technology spec and new comfort design solutions. This new 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid is meant to go on city roads and nice highway roads. With higher investments in this model, the price is also going to be increased. However, comparing to predecessors, hybrid models did not have much luck upon that.

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid rear

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid design

The new vehicle will have many interesting facts in design and overall appearance. With new dimensions and materials used in production, new 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid really has many to offer. To make the vehicle more affordable, designers created trim levels as Ex, EX-l, and touring. Many drivers assist are provided with LED low-beam headlights, navigation, automatic climate control and many more. The spacious inner place has more room. With leather materials and wooden decorations, there are additional updates like Android Auto Apple CarPlay, navigation and head up display.

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid interior

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid drivetrain

According to previous generations, this vehicle will also have nice and smooth performance. The engine will have two combinations with 2.0-liter inline-4 with 143 hp and 129 lb-ft of torque to start a generator. Another possibility can make a 181 hp electric motor gives mainly force. The maximum combined output is 212 hp. Both powerplants can run the front wheels independently or when the throttle is at higher speed. The new engine will have significant fuel resumption and savings which will have a strong impact on the overall lineup.

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid engine

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid price

Although there is no correct data about the price, new 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid will have a fair price for base units. Better equipped model and power trims will have a higher price. Estimations are that the primary base models cost around $24,500 with test drive included. New specs have a great impact on performance, especially a fuel resumption.

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