2017 Honda TRX450R

One of the most exciting models in ATV lineup could be 2017 Honda TRX450R. But, recent announcements will make fans unhappy. Honda released a statement that they cut the production of it for next year. This, and other similar sibling, TRX400X will not appear next year due to cut of production costs. Although these two offered impressive performance, there are some critics about them. Buyers were not happy about its performance. Nevertheless, they had no complains about durability and maintenance cost. Finally, we believe it is unlikely that Honda will change their opinion about 2017 TRX450R. But, chances are still there and hope springs eternal.

2017 Honda TRX450R

2017 Honda TRX450R performance

Last model of the TRX450R was a serious performer. This racing ATV was a perfect solution for many riders. This machine, which last model dates from 2014, was a winner of many Baja 1000 races. Long travel and strong chassis were trademarks. These are just some of the reasons why we doubt that Japanese manufacturer is going to cut production of ATV. Also, fans believed that 2017 Honda TRX450R could be the fastest ever machine in segment. We’ll need to wait about it, because company is still determined not to release 2017 TRX450R.

2017 Honda TRX450R competition

One of the main competitors of previous TRX450R was TRX400X. It is strange, but true. However, bigger model could offer more. The TRX400X is better for recreation and for buyers with less money to spend. Significant price gap illustrates difference between two ATVs. One again, 2017 Honda TRX450R, if appears, could overtake the market with its styling and performance. There are difference in suspension, engine, engine cooling systems, and many more. You guess, TRX450R is better.

2017 Honda TRX450R rear view

2017 Honda TRX450R appearance

Honda spokesmen released a statement about declining the industry since 2011 for about 31 percent. Because of the expansion of recreational ATVs, Honda decided to cut two sport vehicles. One is TRX400X and other one is 2017 Honda TRX450R. However, company left some space for changing the mind. They said situation in the segment will be monitored, and needs of buyers are going to be fulfilled.

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2 Responses to 2017 Honda TRX450R

  1. Shadesmoto says:

    Why would they do such a thing? I know they are business but Honda has been the only manufacture that made real quads besides Yamahas 450 and 700. The 250x isn’t a even a full on sport quad. It’s good I mean I’ve ridden it but my 01 300ex will outperform it in almost every which way. Then the 400 is a great sport quad and has potential for modification and is a perfect step up from the 250 then of course you have the 450 which is the most reliable 450 class sport quad available

  2. Kyle Weinmueller says:

    I have rode and then raced Honda ATVs since the age of 3 .I have raced professionally in Baja and all over California and this is very bad news. Honda you need to get your act together to stomp out Yamaha. I for one will not buy a Honda dirt bike generator piece of s*** car any of the above until you do something about the ATV thing and that’s just my opinion get it together

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