2017 Honda Recon

Probably the most interesting all-terrain vehicle from Honda is Recon. Comparing to previous edition, 2017 Honda Recon comes unchanged. Even the price is the same as before. Japanese manufacturer believes in this vehicle, so ATV is coming once again as FourTrax unit. Nevertheless, there are some revisits. As every new vehicle, most features are updated, and new Recon can say it is modern ATV. There are also assist features and systems, so there is no doubt riding this vehicle is exciting and relaxing.

2017 Honda Recon

2017 Honda Recon features

Except engine, for excellent performance, other parts are also important. One of them is suspension. There is 5 inches of travel on front, which is equipped with double-wishbone. Rear one has slightly less travel, probably because of single shock type. There is also 6 inches of ground clearance. With it, 2017 Honda Recon can overcome big obstacles and tough terrains. Stopping power is provided from hydraulic and mechanical drums. Curb weight, with full 2.4-gallon gas tank, other liquids and standard equipment is 434 lbs. Seat height is 31 inch.

2017 Honda Recon

2017 Honda Recon drivetrain

Under the seat of the 2017 Honda Recon is a 229 cc single-cylinder drivetrain. This carbureted unit is cooled with air. There is button for electric push-start. Also, new Recon brings auxiliary recoil starting system as a backup. Upper level of ATV offers electric shift program. With it, shifting is simplified through buttons installed on handlebar.

2017 Honda Recon

2017 Honda Recon options

There are two paintjobs available for 2017 Honda Recon. First one is red, and it can be purchased in green color. Furthermore, front wheel is bigger than rear, 11 inches to 9. However, rear is wider. Overall length of the ATV is 75 inches, and wheelbase is 44.5 inches. New vehicle is recommended for riders older than age 16, and with training course passed. Price is $4,000, and Honda offers 1 year warranty for its product. Also, there is protection plan of Japanese carmaker, which can extend coverage.

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