2017 Honda Pioneer 700

While we are waiting for updates about Pioneer 1000 model, its sibling is already very popular. New UTVs from Honda, launched in 2014 are growing everyday. Now, we can see new models for upcoming season. At the moment, largest one is 2017 Honda Pioneer 700. Nevertheless, there is also 700-4 deluxe edition of vehicle.  Thanks to QuickFlip feature, new UTV can offer 2-, 3- or 4-seating layout. There is also long list of equipment added to current lineup.

2017 Honda Pioneer 700

2017 Honda Pioneer 700 engine

Power for the 2017 Honda Pioneer 700 comes from 675 cc engine. This liquid-cooled engine has independent double-wishbone front suspension with 8 inches of travel. On the rear, travel is 9 inches. Ground clearance of 10.5 inches gives enough room for smooth and safe ride. Single-cylinder four-stroke engine makes UTV very light, but powerful. New Pioneer 700 can tow 1500 lbs, and 1000 lbs is bed capacity. Traction can be boosted with 4WD mode. Switching between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive system is easy and smooth.

2017 Honda Pioneer 700

2017 Honda Pioneer 700 deluxe trims

Changes on the 2017 Honda Pioneer 700 include Deluxe variants of UTV. Not only 700, but also 700-4 model is available for purchase in higher trim. Some of the features included on the upper level are aluminum wheels and painter springs. There is also electric power steering system. Automatic transmission offers manual shifting. There is switch on dashboard for activating manual model. Changing gears is going through paddle shifters on the steering column. Honda Pioneer 700 Deluxe also offers unique graphics and bumper. Fascia is also refreshed.

2017 Honda Pioneer 700

2017 Honda Pioneer 700 accessories

New UTV is available in three color schemes. Base units come in red or green variant. More expensive are vehicles with Camo paintjob. However, there are also few other features, including roof or door nets, that raises value of the 2017 Honda Pioneer 700. Both front and rear wheels are 12-inchers. However, rear tires are wider. Depending on equipment, new UTV can cost up to $13,500. However, entry-level model has a price of $10,500 hanging from it. Japanese manufacturer offers one year of warranty and Honda protection plan.

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