2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4

The UTV segment is getting redesign for this season. Brand new 2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 has many differences comparing to current model. With novelties, off-road capabilities are getting boost. Also, adventure with 700-4 is at highest level. We already have a peak on this vehicle, and according to first information, we will eagerly wait for it. There are also many fans searching for answers about Pioneer 700-4. It takes position between 2017 Honda Pioneer 500 and 2017 Honda Pioneer 1000. Also, it is version of 2017 Honda Pioneer 700 which offers slightly more equipment.

2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 front

2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 changes

New 2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 is going to be much different than its predecessor from past year. For example, there are paddle shifters which changes manual or automatic transmission. Furthermore, there are Electric Power Steering and few other assistance features. However, this is the most significant upgrade, while other parts will suffer minor changes. For example, updates on many systems, especially driving, are certain. Comfort and seating position are pretty much the same as before. Overall design suffered only minor restyles. Red color is again base option, without big chance to get other colors in paintjobs.

2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 side

2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 specs

Power source of the 2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 is a 675 cc engine. Four-stroke drivetrain system also offers liquid cooling and automatic transmission. Gearbox is automotive-style. Hydraulic torque converter with 4 speeds, including reverse is standard. Upper Deluxe trim of the new Pioneer 700-4 can offer simple switch between automatic and manual shifting. Paddle shifter are on the steering column. Total output of standard model is 36 hp. Deluxe version doesn’t benefit from new transmission, since power is the same. This UTV can reach 45 mph, but there is Electronic Speed Limiter.

2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 drivetrain

2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 price

This UTV with towing capacity of 1500 lbs costs $12,100. Nevertheless, there is also Deluxe model. For additional features and better performance, buyers must pay $13,500. There is information about camo paintjob. This is not going to increase price, although for some other vehicles Honda charges it.

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