2017 Honda NC700X

The 2017 Honda NC700X is going to be one of the most versatile bikes in the following year. Japanese manufacturer tuned it for best performance on various terrains. Ever since its release in 2012, bike made wide circle of fans. Its popularity is growing, but it doesn’t come by itself. Contrary, it is result of constant development of the company and innovations integrated on bike. For example, most wows came when fans heard about dual fuel tank. This feature is used on some other models. For this kind of motorcycle, there are even greater benefits from it. Extra miles from it can be used for more adventures on dirt or open road.

2017 Honda NC700X front view

2017 Honda NC700X engine

When it is about choose of engine, Honda is looking for balance between fuel economy and power. We can say that parallel-twin 670 cc drivetrain fits in both classes. That’s why it is picked as power source for 2017 Honda NC700X. Additionally, there is electronic fuel injection system for better economy. Power is distributed through 6-speed manual transmission. Dual-clutch automated gearbox is also possible. However, this costs slightly higher. For better braking, Honda will improve its ABS system. It is also optional for new NC700X. Also, boost on the fuel economy is expected. Total capacity of two gas tanks will be 3.7 gallons.

2017 Honda NC700X rear view

2017 Honda NC700X redesign

Ever since its release in 2012, this motorcycle is attractive and interesting to buyers. The 2017 Honda NC700X is coming updated with new features. Nevertheless, it will keep its familiar look. Body will be tougher than before. Windscreen is modified, and it now protect rider better. Furthermore, aerodynamic is boosted with different curves and sharper lines. Bike is using lightweight materials, so curb weight could be smaller than on predecessor. Front-brake caliper and pentagonal muffler are another two new features on the 2017 NC700X. LCD instrument panel is part of dashboard. There, rider can read speed, RPM, fuel and gear position. Furthermore, users will be excited with larger storage compartment.

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