2017 Honda Insight

When it is about hybrid and electric vehicles, Honda isn’t new at all. Moreover, it is one of pioneers, with the presence of almost two decades in this area. One of the company’s best-known models of this kind is called Insight. This car was introduced in 1999. It is the closest competitor to the Toyota’s unbeatable model called Prius. So far, we have seen two generations of it and more than 100.000 units sold. Second-generation model was produced until last year and after some shorter brake, we will see it once again. It will come completely redesigned, as 2017 Honda Insight.

2017 Honda Insight specs

2017 Honda Insight

The 2017 Honda Insight will come completely redesigned, according to various reports. It feature all of the company’s latest achievements in this segment. Company will offer new model, which will be better in all aspects. It will come with new platform, which will include new drivetrain too. Exact details are still unknown, but one thing is for sure. The 2017 Insight will come both with more power and better economy. Simply, this is an imperative if company wants to keep this model competitive. When it is about engine, there are two possible solutions. The 1.3 liter I-4 is the first one. However, new 1.5 liter engine sounds more likely. This new engine will come with completely new electric motor(s) and battery. The 2017 Honda Insight will probably be paired with new 7-speed transmission. So, expect great improvements, both in terms of power and fuel economy.

2017 Honda Insight redesign

The 2017 Honda Insight will come with completely new appearance. We will see a vehicle that will come with very attractive design, which will be totally opposite to a current hybrid vehicles. Simply, new model will get a look, which won’t be a classic hybrid-like. We will see a sporty appearance, with sharp lines, completely adapted to the design language of “ordinary”, diesel and petrol-powered cars. Interior will also come completely new. We will see a redesigned cabin with fresh styling and also full of hi-technology features. The 2017 Honda Insight will also come well-equipped when it is about safety. Expect features like adaptive cruise control, lane departure system, rear view camera, park assist and many other.

2017 Honda Insight rear view

2017 Honda Insight release date and price

The 2017 Honda Insight will come somewhere in the second half of next year. Price is still unknown, but we expect that new model will go in a range between 20.000 and 30.000 dollars, depending on equipment.

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