2017 Honda Forza

Popularity of scooter bikes is growing, and so it is with competition. To stay in top, companies had to be innovative with every new model. Honda is a leader in this. Their fans are expecting every new arrival with thrill. All enthusiasts should be ready for 2017 Honda Forza. Riding impression is boosted with better handling and comfort. Also, drivetrain is tuned, although it is the same 279 cc displacement. It is also more efficient than before. Safety is getting improvements with new ABS system. Overall, new Forza brings something new into market, for similar amount of money as its predecessor.

2017 Honda Forza

2017 Honda Forza engine

Riding is improved, comparing to current model. However, it is the same 279 cc unit with highly economical fuel consumption. Engine is slightly modified, but some other parts improve durability and reliability. For example, programmed fuel injection is one of them. All drivers know how much easier is to run with PGM-FI. Scooter can go 68 mpg, which is decent result. With smooth ride, rare visits to mechanics and gas stations, it can make difference for buyers. Upcoming 2017 Honda Forza uses the same V-Matic automatic transmission as model for 2016 season. Smoother transition is provided through continuously variable design.

2017 Honda Forza

2017 Honda Forza features

Upcoming scooter differs from current lineup in few things. All existing features are going to be updated, including dashboard and seat. This is made of plush and there is room for two people. Furthermore, other stuff of bodywork are also functional. Windscreen provides good protection, but there is tall windscreen as optional part. Also, standard storage can be enlarged with rear trunk. An ABS is again going to be standard feature on the 2017 Honda Forza.

2017 Honda Forza rear view

2017 Honda Forza price

Estimated price of the 2017 Honda Forza will be around $6,200. However, with mentioned tall windscreen and rear trunk, it goes higher. With all additions, scooter can cost about $700 more than standard model. Once again, new Forza is going to use old paintjob. As many other Honda bikes, it is red.

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