2017 Honda Foreman 500

Some people are in confusion about Foreman 500 and Rubicon ATVs. These are very similar, but, on the other hand different models. Main differences make Rubicon’s variations, which is not the case with 2017 Honda Foreman 500. However, both are offered for upcoming season, so benefit will be on buyers. They can now choose and pick model that perfectly suits them. There are also differences in power, towing capacities, and much more. Finally, if you want more powerful ATV, Foreman 500 is better choice. However, riders needing larger hauling records will pick Rubicon.

2017 Honda Foreman 500

2017 Honda Foreman 500 engine

New Foreman 500 is using the same engine as its sibling. It is 475 cc liquid-cooled drivetrain can make 29 horsepower. This is the same engine, and same amount of power as the predecessor, but handling is better. The 2017 Honda Foreman 500 benefits from adjustable spring pre-load installed on all shocks. This allows fine tuning of suspension and improved ride in different conditions. Swingarm and rear axle improve towing, and double-wishbone front suspension controls of ATV. Both suspension have 7.28 inches travel. Machine is known for its manual foot shift. From its very beginning, this feature is on Foreman, so it is with 2017 year model. Total towing capacity is 850 lbs. Torque is set at 28 lb-ft and fuel consumption is 33.6 mpg.

2017 Honda Foreman 500 side view

2017 Honda Foreman 500 option

The 2017 Honda Foreman 500 is available in few colors. Base units are coming painted in red. However, there are olive and white models available at same price, while Honda Phantom Camo paintjob costs more. New ATV can add electric shift program, which is present for ten years. By improving it, shifting in both ways is easier than before, and all is possible from handlebar mounted button. ATV is available with or without power steering.

2017 Honda Foreman 500

Another improvement comes on frame design. Comparing to previous edition, new Foreman 500 is stiffer, but lighter. There is 5 pound saving on frame. However, balance doesn’t suffer because of this. In the matter of fact, stability is improved and handling more precise than ever.

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