2017 Honda Element

After few years of pause, seems like it is time to see new Element SUV very soon. According to latest reports, that should happen with 2017 Honda Element, which means that 6 years of production cut came to an end and all fans can save money for their favorite crossover. It is very functional vehicle, with exciting features list. It fills the place in small-size crossover class, which could wake up falling segment. We hope other companies are going to launch new models any time soon, as a respond to Japanese carmaker.

2017 Honda Element

2017 Honda Element redesign

The 2017 Honda Element will be ready to take up to six passengers in its comfortable interior. What is marked as a highlight, luggage area, comes enlarged, and that makes crossover perfect for longer trips, where you can stash many gear and equipment. Also, infotainment system will be renewed, since 2011 year gadgets are now too old. Designers worked a lot on seating, and Element has enough room for legs and head, while having comfortable headrests. LCD display is placed on the dashboard, where access to control of many features could be made. LED technology is expected to be used for lights, both head and tail. Front lights are larger than before, which further improve visibility.

2017 Honda Element interior

2017 Honda Element engine

We must be a step closer to launching date to find out more and confirmed details about power source of 2017 Honda Element. According to rumors, 2.4-l four-cylinder unit will be both efficient and good performer. That means Element will burst 170 hp and 160 lb-ft of torque. More power could be expected from bigger engine, but we still don’t have confirmation from Honda. With 2.4-l unit, Element could go over 100 mph, probably closer to 110 mph. There are no estimations on the fuel economy, but be sure that this crossover is going to be one of the most economical SUVs in its class.

2017 Honda Element rear view

2017 Honda Element price

The 2017 Honda Element won’t come out before second part of next year, while earlier arrival is not likely. Price is slightly more predictable, since Honda is trying to keep up with competition by offering reasonable price, so new Element could be valued between $18,000 and $20,000.

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18 Responses to 2017 Honda Element

  1. Laura says:

    Hot damn! I’ve been hoping Honda would bring the Element back! I hope this is true and I plan to order mine the first year. My beloved 2003 is still going strong.

  2. Robert says:

    Sure hope his happens

  3. john ennis says:

    Iam so glad that honda is bringing back the element, will be looking for a new car in 2017 and maybe the new civic hatch with the turbo as standard might turn my head

  4. Thom Cassidy says:

    the old element was great. this new one looks like a “cube” mixed with a hotdog wagon! shame on you! i have 2 crv’s and have been waiting for the new element,very disappointed. you went with the hrv and i have not seen one on the road yet. you had a winner and let it get away. sometime you think yourselves into a corner. many people are unhappy,many loyal honda customers.

    • Shireen Rahman says:


    • Barbara says:

      I’m in totally agreement. Honda didn’t need to change a thing! Now it looks like a cheap toy. Shame on you. Bring back the adult Element please.

    • M Langley-Jones says:

      I love my 2005 and can’t imagine anything else! What is this ugly thing you’ve shown me here???? All I would want different is to seat 5! Come up with that, don’t make this into a mini-van

  5. Jodi says:

    I am patiently waiting for the return of the Element…after someone crashed into my baby and totaled it…I have been missing my roadtrip mobile! Bring back the Element for all the things we loved about it…!

  6. Element guy says:

    Please oh please get away from the suicide doors. We mention it regularly how amazing our Element would be if it had sliders in the back.

  7. 4hunds says:

    About time! I have a 06 E….just biding my time for the dogs new vehicle….don’t want to get anything else

  8. Jose Perez says:

    Glad the element is returning. But this one looks a bit too weird! Hope it does come with the sliding doors and the dog ramp though. Would like a higher ground clearance all wheel drive model as well. The original was way too low,what good is all wheel drive if it is so darn low! Does not have to be Jeep hi though.

  9. Holly says:

    I am so glad they are bringing back the Honda Element! I love the Element so much that after my first one got totaled (a 2004 model) that I looked for another Element. I have a 2007 model now. Cannot wait to see what features are on the new model.

  10. Vibhic says:

    Just what the public needs another ugly
    Car from Japanese auto makers. What happened to designing attractive cars? I’m disappointed in the design Tech’s and more so with American’s that accept these horrid looking vehicles.

  11. GAlcidesS says:

    Actually I kind of like it. I’ve always liked the Element (old versions) and now that I can buy a car, there are no recent versions, so this note made my day.
    Cars in Japan are smaller but their performances and easiness to drive is remarkable. I see no reason to doubt about this new model, in a car-overcrowded world, smaller cars seem like a good choice.
    Looking forward to see this model.

  12. Desri Amato says:

    Can’t wait to see the element come back! I do wish they include all wheel drive. I like the increased seating.

  13. Sharon says:

    Yes, sometimes the so-called “suicide doors” are a pain, especially in a store parking lot when someone has parked next to you and you are trying to put your purchases in the back seat. But on the side of the road or in the wild, they offer privacy and wind protection. Many a time I have sat between them during extreme winds both in the Mojave Desert and the Alaska wilderness. You can also use a board resting on the handles to make a table between them. I would not like to see sliding doors, as so often something goes wrong with them.

  14. Doris G. says:

    I have not seen the ‘new’ 2017 Element in real life yet. From the pictures it looks bad. Why do corporations think they need to change what is already SUPER! My 2003 Element has 152,000miles on it and is still running like a charm. Met another person in my town that has the exact same Element…..they are at 400,000 miles and still do not have one complaint. They LOVE the Element!! Unfortunately…sometimes I think that people are just screwing around with the design purely for the sake of job preservation. Ya know, if I can’t make changes…my job will be at risk. Got news for Honda Corporation: On the west coast of the USA, the Element has become a ‘cult’ vehicle! Highly prized!!…if you can find the original Element design. I am not sure the new Element will reach the same status.

  15. Doris G. says:

    I feel strongly. Therefore, you are hearing from me again. As mentioned before, my Element is a 2003…152,000 miles. Still is a gem. But…I AM 64. The next car I buy will probably be the last one that I own. (not that I am looking to die tomorrow!) I have no intention of buying anything but a Honda…and I live in Detroit!! My opinion is this…if you don’t want problems….BUY A HONDA! But I do have to say, I REALLY do not like this redesign they have done. I am very sad. They had the “super car”….I compare it to the Volkswagon…”the peoples car”. It is forever…but I trust Honda more! I am so bummed about the redesign appearance.

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