2017 Honda CTX700N

Mid-size cruiser motorbikes are very popular among younger population. Both attractive and effective, 2017 Honda CTX700N is going to be also economical. So, there is no doubt why this is one of the most interesting model from upcoming lineup. Nevertheless, Japanese company has few more things to set up before we see cruiser. There is no doubt new technologies are coming with 2017 year model. These should improve handling, styling and fuel economy. With reasonable price, this motorbike can make larger impact on the market than before.

2017 Honda CTX700N front view

2017 Honda CTX700N engine

A 670 cc twin-parallel drivetrain with liquid cooling is source of power for the 2017 Honda CTX700N. This is same engine which gave power to bike’s predecessor. However, new features boost its performance. Updated PGM-FI is now better than ever. It can make perfect dose of fuel and excellent mixture for various conditions. Performance is also improved. We believe that Honda is aiming about 65 MPG fuel economy rating. This is great achievement in combination with well-known power. Engine is mated to a 6-speed transmission or dual-clutch automatic gearbox. By the way, second one is optional.

2017 Honda CTX700N

2017 Honda CTX700N styling

Although there is no much changes on the 2017 Honda CTX700N, cruiser remains attractive. First of all, it is because of its unique design. Classic cruiser look in combination with modern features can make it very unusual, but still interesting. For example, seating position is very low. This is standard for these kinds of bikes. Also, seat is comfortable and there are forward seat-pegs. Steel frame with diamond shape is now standard for CTX700N. This provides strong chassis, but light on the other end. Also, handling is better because of it. Rubber-mounted foot pegs and counter-balancer reduce vibration. Instrument panel is completely in LCD technology. All features are there, including speedometer, fuel gauge, gear position and clock.

2017 Honda CTX700N price

Base model of the 2017 Honda CTX700N carries $7,000 price tag. However, with $600 more, buyers can get Dual clutch transmission and ABS brakes.

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