2017 Honda CTX700

There are a lot of pros and cons with latest edition of CTX700 cruiser. Riders loved big platform and DCT transmission. Also, ABS and two riding modes were another advantage of this motorcycle. If you add reasonable price, there is no doubt why the bike was very popular. For 2017 Honda CTX700 company keeps all these highlights. Hopefully, they will fix some parts which received some critics. For example, styling was not so good. Even though seating position was high, feet position made it somehow uncomfortable. Also, new cruiser could get bigger storage area. Riders hope to be large enough for helmet and gloves.

2017 Honda CTX700

2017 Honda CTX700 changes

Although there is no official statement, we’ve heard that Honda will make some of the following changes. Acceleration and high speed will be boosted by adding few new mechanisms. Also, ABS is going to be improved with Lean-Angle-Sensitive feature. New 2017 Honda CTX700 could get traction control and saddle bags, if glove compartment doesn’t enlarge. New shaft drive and suspension travel are optional. Nevertheless, all these changes depend on overall weight. Not all could be implemented, since CTX700 could be too heavy, which affects performance.

2017 Honda CTX700 side view

2017 Honda CTX700 drivetrain and price

Power of the 2017 Honda CTX700 is coming from tuned 670 cc engine. This parallel-twin unit is modified for upcoming machine. Japanese carmaker connected drivetrain with dual-clutch 6-speed automatic transmission. Except this gearbox, there is an ABS system for better braking. Price depends on heavily these two parts. Base model of the new CTX700 is priced $7,000. If you add one thousand more, you can get both features.

2017 Honda CTX700

2017 Honda CTX700 impression

So far, users had positive impressions about CTX700. Its riding position, dashboard and handlebars are exceptional. Low seat offers sporty feeling. Also, 2017 Honda CTX700 will be very fuel-friendly. Some reports suggesting it is going to reach 60 mpg. Price is also affordable, since other cruisers are mostly more expensive than $7,000. Finally, dashboard is transparent and command layout is very clean.

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