2017 Honda CRF250R

The 2017 Honda CRF250R is quality mid-range bike with extra performance and functions. Damping and response are infiltrated for new model, and various settings and innovations  are involved to offer the best performance. New upgrades are made of friction and rear shocks. It is an important feature, so this CRF class could stay in game with MX2 segment from their opponents Yamaha. Till now, power handing of CRF250R were remarkable, so fans are expecting the same from 2017 model. Among many other high points, worth of mentioning, are aluminum beam frame, fast agility and excellent stability.

2017 Honda CRF250R

2017 Honda CRF250R specifications

This motorbike is equipped with wide range of accessories, and many of them are been improved from previous models. Such as, heavier spring rate provides maximum rear-wheel traction in combination with new shocks. Rear-shocks could be adjusted in 17 positions, and damping in 13, depending on speed rider. Rear suspension is also adjustable. Furthermore, rear tire traction is boosted by aluminum swingarm and deep beam of sixth generation. Air forks in it are centralized at its core. It all weights about 230 pounds. Bodywork is unchanged, with highlight on riding ergonomics. Riding comfort is improved with lightweight seat, slim tank and improved footpegs.

2017 Honda CRF250R engine

On the performance end, 2017 Honda CRF250R is a mid-range motorcycle with good output. From its 249cc Unicam drivetrain, with four valves, 40 horsepower can be produced at 11.500 rpm. At 9.000 rpm we come to peak torque output of 20 lb-ft. According to previous comparisons of engines, this one is stronger, but also smoother. It still comes as mid-range drivetrain, with slight raise of power, but also rpm rate. Good for cornering, because at that rpm, changing gears is not necessarily. Its senior model, CRF500R, has a cylinder head with extensive HRC development of lighter piston and con-rod.

2017 Honda CRF250R rear view

2017 Honda CRF250R price

Value of the new 2017 Honda CRF250R is not changed a lot comparing to last model. If you are a lover of this kind of motorbikes, you should prepare $7,500 for your copy of this fast and comfort pet.

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