2017 Honda CRF150R

If you are rookie, and your parents are looking for a two-wheeler best for learn basic skills, then logical solution would be 2017 Honda CRF150R. First steps in racing class, and best teaching feature is there. Four-stroke engine, small enough for youngsters, it is great choice. Engine is powerful enough. It doesn’t give too much strength to make ride dangerous. However, with enough horses and torque, ride in any conditions is adventure for itself. This motorcycle is better performer in rough, off-road terrains. Good thing is, when you overpass this unit, there is another level of same bike, and Expert trim.

2017 Honda CRF150R

2017 Honda CRF150R styling

As most of its siblings, 2017 Honda CRF150R is available only in red color. It is somehow a trademark of entire dirt bike class from Japanese producer. As we already said, there are two types of CRF150R motorbike. Both have mutual suspensions and brakes. Pro Links are on rear end, while front gets Showa fork and 220mm disc for brake. Rear brake is also disc, but 190 mm. Differences between models are visible on wheels. Expert trim offers 19/16 inches front and rear one, and standard model has smaller 17/14 inch tires. Train for upper level is significantly increased. On the other hand, base unit is lighter for about 2 pounds.

2017 Honda CRF150R side

2017 Honda CRF150R engine

The 2017 Honda CRF150R uses standard 149 cc unit with liquid cooling system. This is single-cylinder engine with four strokes. Also, bore and stroke are set at 66 x 44 mm. There is intake of 26 mm as a part of Unicam valve train. Steel exhaust is 22.5mm. Electronic startup and throttle position sensor are very helpful for rookies in this game. Furthermore, new CRF150R will offer great share of experience in off-roading. Suspension and easy handling improves overall riding impression about motorcycle. Standard for both base and expert unit is 1.11 gallon tank.

2017 Honda CRF150R wheelie

2017 Honda CRF150R price and options

The 2017 Honda CRF150R Expert has higher price for around $200 than base unit, which carries $5,100 price tag. Nevertheless, there are no additional features, that could rise value of the bike. Also, company offers Honda protection plan and warranty for this reliable bike.

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