2017 Honda CRF110F

Entry level dirt bike class is very important for Honda. There are many experienced riders that learnt on the smaller models of Japanese manufacturer. After they grow, riders got used to these motorcycles and that brings more users and buyers. That is why 2017 Honda CRF110F is one of the most important bikes, although it is tiny model. However, highlights of the model are handling and limited power. Since these bikes are made for younger population, with no or limited experience, too much power could make learning harder. Because of that, CRF110F is packed with features that help growing.

2017 Honda CRF110F front view

2017 Honda CRF110F engine

Power of the 2017 Honda CRF110F is coming from same 110 cc engine used by its predecessor. There are no big changes on it. Slight tunings improve fuel economy and durability. Also, engine is using air-cooling system. Paired with 4-speed auto-clutch transmission, drivetrain offers exceptional fuel economy. There are also push-button automatic starter and kick starter as manual, just in case. For novices, new bike has throttle limiter, which is set depending on skill level.

2017 Honda CRF110F

2017 Honda CRF110F specs

Bore of the 2017 Honda CRF110F is set at 50 mm, while stroke is at 55.6 mm. Air-cooled engine has compression ratio at 9.0:1. This single-cylinder, four-stroke engine uses SOHC valve configuration. Tires are 70/100-14 inches on front, and 80/100-12 inches on rear wheel. Brakes on both ends use drums. Telescopic fork is front suspension and twin-sided swing arm is rear. No air adjustable suspension is available, as well as pre-load of spring or shocks. Furthermore, seat is set at 26.3 inches. Fuel tank bellow the handlebar can take 1.1 gallons.

2017 Honda CRF110F rear view

Curb weight of 2017 Honda CRF110F, with all fluids and full tank is 163 pounds. Wheelbase is 42 inches long, and price is $2,200. Unfortunately, this motorcycle is available only in red color. Nevertheless, this is regular for all small class of bikes.

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