2017 Honda CR-V

The 2017 Honda CR-V will come completely redesigned. This compact crossover is in production for almost two decades. It was originally launched in 1995 and so far, we have seen four generations of it. Current model is in productions since 2012 and it is expected that fifth generation of this excellent crossover will come in 2017. It will come with plenty of changes. Beside new look, it will also come with plenty of new technologies. However, the biggest change should be in terms of size. The 2017 Honda CR-V is expected to come larger, probably with three rows of seats.

2017 Honda CR-V redesign

2017 Honda CR-V

The 2017 Honda CR-V will come completely redesigned, as we already mentioned. It will come with plenty of changes. It will come with new platform, which will provide many improvements in different aspects. New model will come with completely new look, which will be adapted to the company’s new design language. It is expected that new model will have many visual similarities with HR-V model. Interior will be also redesigned completely. However, the biggest change will be in terms of size. The 2017 CR-V will be quite bigger. It will probably come with three rows of seats, with space for seven passengers. This move was expected from Honda. Company will try to go a little bit upmarket with this model.

2017 Honda CR-V expanded lineup of crossovers

There are some reports that new model will go so far that it will be a competitor to premium models like Land Rover Discovery Sport or Volvo XC60. However, it seems more likely that the main reason for this move is expanded lineup of crossovers. As you probably know, company recently introduced a smaller HR-V, so with this move Honda probably leaves more space for this newcomer. In any case, it is worth the mention that 2017 Honda CR-V will finally come with some bigger changes in dimensions, after almost 15 years.

2017 Honda CR-V interior

2017 Honda CR-V under the hood

Although it is not confirmed officially yet, it is pretty much for sure that 2017 Honda CR-V will use the same engines as smaller HR-V. Those are 1.6 liter diesel with 118 horsepower and 1.5 liter petrol engine, which is good enough for around 130 horses. Beside these two engines, new model should be also available in some additional variants but exact details are still unknown.

2017 Honda CR-V release date

The 2017 Honda CR-V will probably come in 2017. At this point, more precise date of launch is unknown.

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