2017 Honda Civic Tourer

Honda is planning some refreshments in upcoming years. Major changes come with new generations, and one is prepared for Civic, but not in next year or two. Before that, we will have some peak on how it could look. It is interesting to see what 2017 Honda Civic Tourer brings, because that vehicle might unveil some details about brand new car. Until then, we can enjoy in this tuned hatch with many engine options and sportified design. One major news is that 2017 Civic Tourer is going to be build in England, which is very interesting in many reasons, including part of the world which receives this car.

2017 honda civic tourer side view

2017 Honda Civic Tourer engines

The 2017 Honda Civic Tourer is using three engines. Base model comes with 1.0-l four-cylinder powertrain, while some upper trims are exploiting power from 1.5-l four-cylinder VTEC turbocharged petrol engine, which could be also found in regular Civic model. There is a diesel unit prepared for new Tourer, and it is 1.6-l DTEC drivetrain. It is still unknown what kind of gearbox will be mated to any of these engines, but company announced that fuel economy is going to be significantly improved. Front-wheel drive is standard, and this hatchback will be probably available in AWD variant.

2017 Honda Civic Tourer redesign

It might be that Civic is the most suitable model from entire Honda lineup for tuning, although regular vehicle is pretty attractive. Nevertheless, Type R is one of the famous redesigned cars, and now we will have 2017 Honda Civic Tourer. This hatchback is coming wider and longer than its predecessors. Ground clearance is decreased, so it look more aggressive now.

2017 honda civic tourer rear view

2017 Honda Civic Tourer release date and price

Upcoming vehicle won’t be available any time soon. Its premiere is not expected during this year, and we hope it could happen early in 2017. However, this is not confirmed yet, but is possible. Its price should be attractive to lure as many buyers as it can. Base model with 1.0-l engine should be priced around $25,000, while well packed models with larger drivetrains cost around $30,000. There will be also some additional packages to boost performance and visual appearance of hte 2017 Honda Civic Tourer.

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