2017 Honda Civic Si

The 2017 Honda Civic Si is expected to come in completely new iteration. As one of the leaders in popular segment of compact cars, this model is definitely one of the most important vehicles for the Honda. It is company’s bestseller and it is offered worldwide. This legendary car is in production for more than four decades. It was originally launched in 1972 and during this long period, we have seen ten generations of it. Latest model came just recently. Production started in October and new model went on sale few weeks ago. Now it is turn for its sport trim, which is expected to come next year as 2017 Honda Civic Si.

2017 Honda Civic Si specs

2017 Honda Civic Si

This is a sport variant of Honda’s compact. The 2017 Honda Civic Si will come completely redesigned, based on the newest model that came just recently. This is a sporty variant, which is characterized by great performances and also high level of comfort. The first “Si” came more than 30 years ago, and it is expected that 2017 Civic Si will continue in the same way. Once again, it will stand between and be some kind of connection for standard and race-oriented Type R. Unlike Type R, which sacrifices almost all of the comfort for excellent performances, this one will be more for an everyday use.

2017 Honda Civic Si features

Beside great performances (however, lower than Type R) new Honda Civic Si will come extremely well equipped. We will see a plenty of premium features like sunroof, leather seats, premium audio system, large touchscreen and many other hi-tech features. Same thing is about safety. New model will come with all of the safety systems that are offered in Honda’s most luxurious models under the Acura brand.

2017 Honda Civic Si rear view

2017 Honda Civic Si engine

The exact engine for 2017 Honda Civic Si is still unknown. Current model uses a tuned version of 2.4 liter unit, which outputs 205 horsepower and 174 pound-feet of torque. However, this engine is expected to be replaced with some more advanced unit. In terms of power, 2017 Civic Si definitely won’t be as powerful as Type R, but you should still expect a huge amount of power. According to some reports, max output will be somewhere between 230 and 250 horsepower.

2017 Honda Civic Si interior

2017 Honda Civic Si release date and price

Exact date of launch is still unknown. However, 2017 Honda Civic Si is expected to come somewhere in late 2016. Price is also unknown, but expect price about 25.000 dollars for base model.

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