2017 Honda CBR500R

There are many improvements on the 2017 Honda CBR500R that will make you want it. The sports bike will offer balance, ride quality and stylish appearance. With them, there are enough highlights to compete all other companies. Air flow is better than on the last model, while upgrades on suspension will be visible at first sight. The drivetrain works smoothly, and the overall ride is much better than before. On the other hand, there are no much changes on the design. However, this bike remains attractive. That should lure bikers, and performance of the CBR500R is what makes them love it.

2017 Honda CBR500R

2017 Honda CBR500R performance

The bike rides on 471 cc drivetrain with liquid cooling system. This parallel-twin bike can make 47 hp, and run 112 mph. Air-flow boost will improve efficiency. It uses DOHC system employs programmed fuel-injection, which uses the fuel better, boosting mileage and overall performance. There is also electronic ignition with computer controlling, and 10.7:1 compression ratio. A six-speed transmission system transfers power to wheels. Also, O-ring-sealed chain is final drive on the 2017 Honda CBR500R.

2017 Honda CBR500R front

2017 Honda CBR500R features

New suspension is going to make all bikers fall in love with 2017 Honda CBR500R. Riding over bumps is not annoying since this feature absorbs hits. Furthermore, this bike comes with ABS. That is a standard feature, as well as preload adjustment on suspension. The new part is the hinge on the fuel cap. Rider gets better protection with the new shape of the fairing. Also, the screen is not the same, although these modifications are not radical. Slight improvement will be enough for riders with a lot of experience to notice the difference.

2017 Honda CBR500R dashboard

2017 Honda CBR500R conclusion

The 2017 Honda CBR500R costs the same as its predecessor. The price tag of $6,000 could seem to be high. However, once you feel comfort and power of the CBR500R, you will be sure that was a good investment. Improvements in balance and suspension are making difference between this and other sports bike models. With Honda’s protection plan and the warranty, you will be safe and calm. Maintenance is easy, and this bike will serve you more than anyone expects.

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