2017 Honda CB500X

The 2017 Honda CB500X is not a motorcycle for novices, but experienced riders will love it. With improved performance, it can offer a lot of excitement. Styling is also on high level, so it is cool when someone sees you on this kind of machine. Nevertheless, both design and specs are going to be boosted for 2017 season. There are also many other features and equipment which make CB500X more attractive. Furthermore, adventure is guaranteed with this practical bike. Also, you don’t have to worry about maintenance of Honda’s product. It rare happens, and also company provides Protection plan for its machine.

2017 Honda CB500X front view

2017 Honda CB500X engine

A 471 cc engine is definitely not for rookies. This liquid-cooled parallel-twin unit is a perfect choice for adventurers looking for higher amount of power. However, it is not too powerful for safety to be threatened. On the other hand, bike is effective, functional and economical. The 2017 Honda CB500X is coming with programmed fuel injection and many other features. With them, ride on the machine is smooth and excellent for longer trips. Fuel tank can take 4.5 gallons and engine is mated to a 6-speed transmission. Estimated fuel economy is unknown yet.

2017 Honda CB500X rear view

2017 Honda CB500X redesign

Design of the 2017 Honda CB500X is changed comparing to previous model. Bike is now sharper and bolder, but it still keeps familiar look. Windscreen is bigger and LED lights are on the back. Last year muffler was redesigned, and same one is used on bike for 2017 year. There are also other changes on the wheel, including brakes and forks. However, size of wheels is the same as before. Same thing is with overall dimensions of 2017 Honda CB500X. Furthermore, Honda offers Genuine Accessories for every kind of riders. Seating position is at 81 cm and wheelbase is 142 cm. There are total of five paintjobs for motorcycle. Buyers can choose between matte black Fresco or Gunpowder, regular black Asteroid, red variant Millennium and Pearl Horizon white.

2017 Honda CB500X

2017 Honda CB500X price

Price of the 2017 Honda CB500X could be slightly higher from current motorbike. Difference will be in couple of hundred of dollars or less. Matte colors and ABS raise its value for around $500.

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