2017 Honda CB500F

First appearance of the Honda CB500F was in 2013. Since first appearance, it was successful. Now, company is planning new bike. It will be 2017 Honda CB500F, and many changes will be on it. However, its look will be the same as it is now. On the other side, innovations and new technologies are there. That makes motorbike more attractive and popular. Riding impression is exceptional. This mid-size bike is perfect for users of all experience. Compact dimensions and excellent performance are highlights. High quality and low cost of maintenance are making Honda CB500F very grateful.

2017 Honda CB500F front view

2017 Honda CB500F redesign

The 2017 Honda CB500F will be perfect for all the riders looking for fun. This is practical choice for all of them, no matter what experience they have. For 2017 season, Honda provided new bodywork, with changed highlights. LED lamps are on both ends. Muffler is smaller than before. That leads to noise reduction from exhaust. Designers increased capacity of fuel, although 2016 year model got bigger tank. New CB500F has externally adjustable springtime preload. For 2017 year, there are new front brake lever and few transmission updates. At the end, we must mention foot secures for passengers. It is now made of light-weight aluminum. Furthermore, new motorcycle will be available in 6 colors. Finally base model is white and red. Also, there are combinations of yellow and black, red and grey metallic, orange and grey, white and grey, and black and silver.

2017 Honda CB500F

2017 Honda CB500F drivetrain

Power for the 2017 Honda CB500F comes from 471 cc engine. This DOHC unit can make 50 hp. European riders can control it with A2 license. Output is around 80 mpg, or 29 km/l. Since CB500F has fuel tank of around 3.5-gallons, new bike can make almost 400 miles without stopping for refueling. Braking and handling are improved. Motorcycle has programmed fuel-injection system.

2017 Honda CB500F release date and price

Arrival of the 2017 Honda CB500F is planned for start of next year. Japanese manufacturer is going to hang $6,000 tag on the bike. This is the same price as for current model. Finally that means Honda don’t want to upset their users

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