2017 Honda CB300F

New 2017 Honda CB300F won’t bring many new stuff comparing to its predecessors. So, that is one naked, sport bike, with supreme styling and nice performance numbers. Also, the CB300F is excellent pick of not so experienced riders, which are looking for fun and adventure. Another advantage of this 2-wheeler is its price. Since it is smallest in the class, it will be the cheapest. Another good thing is that company decided not to change it comparing to current motorcycle.

2017 Honda CB300F

2017 Honda CB300F features

We already mentioned that bike is coming naked. It is also sport motorcycle, made for fun. Nevertheless, it can be useful for everyday commuting. Handling is easy thanks to its lightness. Also, riding position is lower than before, but it boosts comfort and visibility. Narrow body makes everyone can reach ground easier, without too much effort. Dash gets instrument panel with LCD elements, with fuel gauge, fuel meter, and other important meters. The 2017 Honda CB300F can go up to 100 mph. However, some optimum speed is 80 mph. Above this limit, motorcycle starts to struggle, and controlling is much complicated.

2017 Honda CB300F

2017 Honda CB300F drivetrain

As its name says, the 2017 Honda CB300F uses powertrain which is under 300 cc. For this edition, as few years behind, we can find 286 cc unit, with 4-valve head. For upcoming bike we have features such as ignition system with computer controlling. Highlight is fuel economy and its reach. With recommended maintenance and good weather conditions, new CB300F can go 260 miles without refuel. This is thanks to 78 mpg rate and 3.4-gallon fuel tank. However, some more expected rate goes around 72 mpg. Six-speed transmission is there to transform power to wheels. Finally, max speed, according to specification sheet, is 106 mph.

2017 Honda CB300F brakes

2017 Honda CB300F price

There are two options for 2017 Honda CB300F – Base and ABS. Standard model is available for purchase for $4,000. This is the same price as for its predecessors. Higher trim includes ABS. This is lack of this model, since riders can buy motorcycles from other companies with this system as standard feature. However, Honda once again goes with ABS as optional system.

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