2017 Honda B Model

The 2017 Honda B Model will be something new from this Japanese car maker. This company always brings some innovations. We often see some new technologies, new design solutions etc. This model won’t be exception at all. It will come with the Honda’s latest technology achievements. The concept of this car was presented at the Beijing Auto Show. For now, we know that it will be offered primarily for the Asian market. We still don’t know will this model come to North America. We expected new model to be launched somewhere late next year.

2017 Honda B Model design

2017 Honda B Model front view

The 2017 Honda B Model will be new model from the company. Although it won’t be so large, it will be very luxurious in many aspects. New model will be based on the several other models of the brand, mostly on Brio and Civic. When it is about exterior design, new model will be completely adapted to the company’s latest design language. We will see front fascia with familiar headlights and grille, borrowed from Civic. The overall shape of the car will be very attractive, with sharp edges and lines which will give that great aerodynamic stance. Rear end will also be very close to Civic. The 2017 Honda B Model will feature the same taillight configuration, same bumper etc.

2017 Honda B Model interior

Interior will be very stylish, with very upscale feel. All parts of the cabin will be made of hi-quality materials. Beside great styling, 2017 B Model will be also very well equipped. We will see plenty of the latest-technology features, both in terms of safety/drive-assist and entertainment systems.

2017 Honda B Model rear view

2017 Honda B Model engine

We expect to see 2017 Honda B Model in several configurations when it is about powertrain. According to the latest reports, new model will be available not only in petrol but also in hybrid variant. It is expect that the base model will be powered by company’s newest 1.0 liter three-cylinder engine. This engine is expected to have max output around 150 horsepower. When it is about hybrid model, it is expected that this configuration will be consisted of the same three-cylinder engine and some hi-output electric motor. Total power is expected to go all way up to 200 horses. When it is about transmission, 2017 B Model will probably be available with either manual or CVT.

2017 Honda B Model release date

Exact date of launch is still unknown, but it is expected that 2017 Honda B model will come somewhere later next year.

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