2016 Honda StepWGN

The 2016 Honda StepWGN is coming completely redesigned. This mid-size MPV is under production for almost two decades. During all these years, we have seen four generations of it. Original model was launched in 1996. Current, fourth generation is in production since 2009. After six years of production, it is time for major redesign. New, fifth-generation model is on its way. It was presented in April and now company is doing last preparations for its launch. New model is coming significantly changed. It comes with new design, new engine and plenty of new technologies.

2016 Honda StepWGN specs

2016 Honda StepWGN

The 2016 Honda StepWGN is coming completely redesigned. Although it will come with plenty of significant changes, it will remain the same type of vehicle, with pretty much same base characteristics. This is one of the Honda’s MPVs in lineup and unlike models like Odyssey and Stream, it comes with higher cabin. It also features eight seat, instead of seven. New model keeps these characteristics. On the other side, 2016 Honda StepWGN comes with many novelties. One of these is new platform, which is characterized by use of advanced technologies, which will provide better quality of drive.

2016 Honda StepWGN redesign

New model also features completely new look. Although it features pretty similar body contours, it is different in many aspects, compared to previous model. This especially refers on the front end, which is new, completely adapted to the company’s new design language. Besides new headlights, grille and similar things, 2016 StepWGN will also come with changes on the other areas of the vehicle. New model also comes with completely redesigned interior. Beside new styling, cabin also comes with plenty of other improvements. Some of them are better quality of materials, new more comfortable seats, plenty of new or upgraded hi-tech features, both in terms of safety and entertainment.

2016 Honda StepWGN rear view

2016 Honda StepWGN under the hood

In this segment, new model also comes with significant changes. The 2016 Honda StepWGN will be powered by new engine. Instead of an old 2.4 liter unit, new model will use the power from smaller but more efficient 1.5 liter engine. This petrol-powered unit comes with turbocharger, and it should had total output of around 180 horsepower. The 2016 StepWGN will be available with either manual transmission or CVT.

2016 Honda StepWGN interior

2016 Honda StepWGN price

Exact pricing is still unknown, but it is expected that 2016 Honda StepWGN will go in a range between 18.000 and 25.000 dollars, roughly.

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