2016 Honda Stateline

If you are interested in some ride that will fulfil all of your emotions during ride, 2016 Honda Stateline might be just excellent choice for you. This model is a part of company’s cruiser offer, and it represents a perfect balance between modernistic bikes such as Fury and full-classic flavor cruiser such as Gold Wing for example. This model came in 2009, as successor of VTX 1800. This year, we won’t see some bigger changes. Finally 2016 Honda Stateline comes in its recognizable manner, perfectly combining excellent performances and extremely high level of comfort.

2016 Honda Stateline design

2016 Honda Stateline front view

The 2016 Honda Stateline probably comes with pretty much same characteristics as previous-year model. It completely brings the flavor of some past times. This is a retro-styled cruiser. Finally features excellent retro design, inspired by some old motorcycles, which were launched about half century and more ago. There are plenty of beautiful retro details, such as long fenders with deep side valences, for example. The 2016 Stateline is extremely comfortable. It comes with very long wheelbase, which provides low seating position.

2016 Honda Stateline specs

Seating height is somewhere slightly below 27 inches. Seat is made of excellent-quality materials. This deep-dish seat offers not only a classic feel, but also fantastic comfort. Instrument panel also comes in retro manner, mounted on fuel tank. Besides it show all necessary information, it is also a little bit streamlined, but it doesn’t take away look of the road. Probably Honda Stateline will be available in Blue Metallic color.

2016 Honda Stateline seat

2016 Honda Stateline engine

The 2016 Honda Stateline comes in classic V-twin configuration. It is powered by 1312 cc engine, which has max output of around 60 horsepower and 75 pound-feet of torque. It comes with 5-speed transmission. Although it is designed to be in a style of classic engine, it also features some of Honda’s latest technology achievements. For example, 2016 Stateline features Programed Fuel Injection, which helps this bike to make best possible performances. Top is around 125 mph. Besides excellent sound, this engine will also give you good fuel economy, somewhere around 46 mpg in combined ride. Fuel capacity is 4.4 gallons.

2016 Honda Stateline rear view

2016 Honda Stateline price

This excellent cruiser has a starting price of 10.000 dollars. It comes exclusively in Blue Metallic color. Finally 2016 Honda Stateline comes with unlimited-mileage warranty, and extended coverage is available with a Honda Protection Plan.

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