2016 Honda Rincon

The 2016 Honda Rincon is an ultimate all-terrain vehicle. It is the largest ATV that company offers. Compared to some other models, besides bigger dimensions, it also comes with bigger engine, better comfort and also with plenty of advanced technologies. This model is known for the use of many advanced systems, especially when it is about drivetrain. Although Honda often makes some modifications on this model, 2016 Rincon won’t feature some bigger changes. It will come with the pretty much same characteristics as previous-year model.

2016 Honda Rincon specs and features

2016 Honda Rincon front view

As we already mentioned, 2016 Honda Rincon is the best offer from company’s ATV lineup. First thing that you will notices is that it features larger engine. It comes with 675 cc engine, which is excellent in all aspects. Besides excellent performances and quality, it also features plenty of advanced technologies. For example, there is a dual-plug head, which makes this engine runs cleaner, with greater fuel efficiency and range. There is also a programed fuel injection, which also helps this ATV to have better performances and, especially, better fuel economy. This engine comes with excellent automatic transmission, which features three forward speeds and reverse. It also features electric control.

2016 Rincon suspension

When it is about suspension, 2016 Honda Rincon features independent double-wishbone on the both ends. Total travel of front suspension is 6.9 inches, while rear travels around 8 inches. This ATV has fuel capacity of 4.4 gallons, including 1.2 gallons of reserve. The 2016 Honda Rincon also features a catalytic converter, which makes it very environment friendly vehicle.

2016 Honda Rincon design

When it is about styling, this model features recognizable FourTrax design language. It comes with plenty of attractive details, give that modern off-road flavor. This great ATV is available in three colors. There are Red, Olive and Honda Phantom Camo finishes. All these colors are covered with special protection layer, which will keep your vehicles from scratches and similar things. The 2016 Honda Rincon features very modern control panel, which includes plenty of things such as speedometer, odometer, thermometer, clock, and many other.

2016 Honda Rincon side view

2016 Honda Rincon release date and price

This ATV is already available for some time. The 2016 Honda Rincon has a starting price of 9.300 dollars.

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