2016 Honda Recon

We suppose that you are familiar with Honda’s offer of ATV models. If you are not, we could say that this company is definitely a leader in this segment. This company offers a wide range of vehicles, different is dimensions, engine displacement, power and performances etc. Main reason for company’s key role, when it is about all-terrain vehicles, is because all of these engines are characterized by extremely high level of quality, reliability and durability. If you add to this great design and performances, all becomes so clear. One of the most popular models in this lineup comes this year as 2016 Honda Recon.

2016 Honda Recon redesign and features

2016 Honda Recon

The 2016 Honda Recon is perfectly designed vehicle. It is well balanced and it is suitable for all kinds of riders. It belongs somewhere in the middle class of ATVs and with its middle engine, it is perfect for not so experienced riders. Despite smaller engine, it offers decent performances so, it could be great for some more demanding riders. When it is about specification for that engine, it is a 229 cc one-cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled unit, which comes with Electric start with auxiliary recoil. This engine provides more than enough power for this ATV, and it comes with great 5-speed transmission, which also features reverse. This great, smooth-shifting transmission comes with automatic clutch, but it comes both with foot shift or Honda’s push-button Electric Shift program. The 2016 Honda Recon features ESP. The two-wheel-drive configurations is standard, while AWD is also available as optional feature.

2016 Honda Recon suspension

The 2016 Honda Recon is well designed and one of the main parts of its construction is suspension. This ATV features independent double wishbone suspension in front. It features 5.1 inches of travel. On the other side, rear suspension features Swingarm with single shock, which has 4.9 inches of travel. When it is about visual appearance, 2016 Recon comes pretty much the same as previous model. There are some tweaks, but those are barely notable at the first sight. The biggest novelty in visual aspect is probably a new color options. Previous model was available in red color only, while current comes in green finish too.

2016 Honda Recon front view

2016 Honda Recon release date and price

The 2016 Honda Recon is available since July. Starting price is around 4.000 dollars. As we already mentioned, 2016 Recon is available in red and green colors.

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