2016 Honda Rebel

The 2016 Honda Rebel is here. One of the company’s most popular and best-selling motorcycles is coming with the pretty much same characteristics as previous model. This bike is present for over three decades. During all these years, it manage to become one of the bestsellers in class. It has excellent characteristics, especially in terms of economy and easiness of use, so it is expected to continue in the same way, when it is about sales. The 2016 Honda Rebel comes without any bigger change, compared to previous model, featuring pretty much the same characteristics.

2016 Honda Rebel specs

2016 Honda Rebel front

The 2016 Honda Rebel is a real prove that you can own the road even with the bike of modest dimensions and engine. This cruiser is hugely popular for many reasons. It is affordable, it features small engine and it is very simple to use. Its name sounds even a little bit strange, because it is considered as one of the best user-friendly motorcycles on the market. You will even ride it if you attend Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Course.

2016 Honda Rebel redesign

When it is about visual appearance, new Honda Rebel comes unchanged. It features recognizable retro styling, a true cruiser look. There are plenty of chrome details, a chrome-plated headlight, Pullback handlebar, teardrop fuel tank, two-piece custom seat, bobbed fenders and other. It is a good-looking bike, with fantastic retro flavor. The thing that makes this bike so attractive to riders is its semi-double-cradle frame. This means a very long wheelbase, which, at the end, provides very low seating position that gives fantastic feel, during riding.

2016 Honda Rebel main

2016 Honda Rebel engine and performances

The 2016 Honda Rebel is a small bike. It features an engine with displacement of only 234 cc. This engine has pretty modest output, around 16 horses. However, you must consider that this motorcycle’s weight is only 331 pound. So, don’t be surprise when you see that it could reach 70 mpg, which is its top speed. The 2016 Rebel comes with 5-speed manual transmission. One of the main trumps of this cruiser is fuel economy. Average fuel consumption is 84 mpg, which is fantastic results. With fuel capacity of 2.6 gallons, it is clear that you can make over 200 miles with just one tank, which is great.

2016 Honda Rebel

2016 Honda Rebel price

This is definitely one of the 2016 Honda Rebel’s main trumps. finally price of this motorcycle is around 4.200 dollars, which makes it very affordable.

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