2016 Honda Prelude

The 2016 Honda Prelude is expected to come. This will be a big comeback of this legendary sports car. This 2-door coupe was in production for about 23 years. Original model came in 1978. During all these years, we have seen five generations of it. Last model was introduced in 1996 and production finally ended in 2001. The main reason for the end of production was lower number of units sold, mainly because of some new company’s models such as Accord Coupe etc. Finally, company plans a big comeback, after 15 years of brake. The 2016 Honda Prelude will come completely new, and it definitely carry a spirit of legendary predecessors.

2016 Honda Prelude specs

2016 Honda Prelude

The 2016 Honda Prelude will come completely new. Since it past almost fifteen year of last model, changes are expected to be huge. New model will come with completely new design. It will get a new platform, probably some kind of modified Civic’s platform. We also expect to see use of some additional extra-light materials, which will provide weight savings and better overall performances. The 2016 Prelude will be compact car, when it is about size. When it is about body style, it will carry on in recognizable 2-door coupe configuration, like all previous models.

2016 Honda Prelude design

It terms of styling, we expect from new model to follow current design language. It will probably feature the same front fascia as model like Civic, for example. On the other side, we expect to see plenty of unique details, which will emphasize sporty character of new Honda Prelude. When it is about interior, new model will get completely new, stylish cabin in sport manner. It will also be made of hi-quality materials and feature plenty of latest technologies.

2016 Honda Prelude front view

2016 Honda Prelude under the hood

Exact engine for 2016 Honda Prelude is still unknown. However, it is expected that new model will be powered with new 2.0 liter turbocharged engine, which will for this occasion have maximum output of around 250 horsepower. There are also some rumors that 2016 Prelude will be available with 3.5 V6 engine too, but you should take this with big reserve.

2016 Honda Prelude side view

2016 Honda Prelude release date and price

For now, there aren’t many details about release date and price. We can only expect to see 2016 Honda Prelude somewhere next year, while price should be known in next few months.

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