2016 Honda NC700X

If you want a bike that took all the best characteristics from various types of motorcycles, 2016 Honda NC700X will be a choice No.1 for you. This excellent motorcycle was released in 2012. It is a completely new idea, to take all of the bests from sport, off-road, cruise and other bikes in order to make one of the most versatile bikes that we ever saw. This bike definitely has that characteristics. It is fast, but yet economical, a good looking and comfortable bike, which will give both pleasant and exciting feel at the same time. After three years of production, 2016 Honda NC700X is coming updated.

2016 Honda NC700X design

2016 Honda NC700X front view

The 2016 Honda NC700X is an extremely versatile motorcycle. It is designed for various types of rides and it will definitely be very attractive to wide range of riders. This year, we will see some updates too. Those are both visual and mechanic. First of all, it comes with new, tougher-looking body, which includes sharper lines and better materials too. There are also things like new windscreen, which is very compact. It offers a decent protection but also keeps this motorcycle very light. The 2016 Honda NC700X also comes with features like new front-brake caliper, or new pentagonal muffler.

2016 Honda NC700X features

When it is about great features, this bike is full of them. For example, there is a steel truss frame, which is tough but also light. So, be sure that this bike is rigid and easy to handle at the same time. One of great features is also a large integrated storage compartment, with capacity of 22 liters. On the other side, fuel tank is positioned under the seat and has capacity of 3.7 gallons. The 2016 NC700X features completely digital LCD instrument panel, which features speedometer, two trip meters, clock, fuel gauge etc. There is also a nice digital bar-type tachometer, which changes color, depending on RPM, gear position, fuel consumption etc.

2016 Honda NC700X side view

2016 Honda NC700X engine

The 2016 Honda NC700X comes with excellent 670 cc parallel-twin engine. This engine is great both in terms of power and fuel economy. If features advanced systems like electronic fuel injection, which optimizes performances additionally. There are two transmissions in offer, standard 6-speed manual, while dual-clutch automatic is optional. The 2016 NC700X is also available with ABS as optional feature.

2016 Honda NC700X rear view

2016 Honda NC700X price

Price for the 2016 Honda NC700X is still unknown, but it is expected to be announced in the very close future.

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