2016 Honda Forza

The 2016 Honda Forza is a bike that will definitely bring your ride to a next level. The model is a perfect example how good scooter should like. It is perfect for urban condition. It is fast, comfortable, easy to handle and it also has great fuel economy. If you want to enjoy your ride, you should seriously consider this scooter, which is also quite affordable. Since this model is still very fresh, 2016 Forza won’t feature some bigger novelties. It will come with the pretty much same characteristics as previous model.

2016 Honda Forza specs and features

2016 Honda Forza front view

This model features excellent 279 cc four-stroke engine with single cylinder engine, with liquid cooling. It is a perfectly balanced engine, which offers much power and also great economy. There are several features that have an impact on bikes overall performances. It features a Programed Fuel Injection, which makes a huge impact on overall 68 mpg fuel consumption. New Honda Forza features a continuously variable transmission (CVT), which provides smooth and comfortable ride. It is also worth to mention that this engine is positioned very low, so there is low center of gravity, which at the end provides better handling. Electric start is also standard feature on this scooter. One additional great thing about this model is that there is an ABS in offer, as optional feature.

2016 Honda Forza redesign

The 2016 Honda Forza is designed for fast and comfortable ride. One of its main characteristics is smooth riding. The 2016 Honda Forza features great bodywork. Its styling is excellent. Beside that, this bike is also extremely comfortable. There is a very large seat, which comes in two levels. It is designed for two passengers and co-pilot is positioned a little bit higher, which is great is you want a better view. Under this seating, there is a spacious storage. This storage is very large. You can even put two larhe helmets under the seats and still, there will be place for some additional stuff. The 2016 Forza is available just in Pearl Red color.

2016 Honda Forza side view

2016 Honda Forza pricing

This scooter is available in two variants. Finally standard 2016 Honda Forza has a starting price of 5.600 dollars. If you are interested in model with ABS, you will have to pay 500 dollars more. It is worth to mentions that company gives an unlimited-mileage, one-year warranty.

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