2016 Honda Element

According to some reports, company prepares a comeback of this model, which will come as 2016 Honda Element. This small crossover was originally launched in 2003. It was produced for eight years, until 2011. Then production stopped. Main reason of discontinuation was a huge slump of sales in last several years. More units were sold in 2003 that in last three years together. Anyway, some reports about new model appeared. According to those texts, this crossover will be redesigned, and after some time of break, it will come as 2016 Honda Element. New model will come completely redesigned, with significant changes, compared to original model.

2016 Honda Element redesign

2016 Honda Element front view

As we already mentioned, those reports are just rumors, so you should take them with big reserve. According to them, company is going to bring back this crossover, and it should come as new Honda Element. New model will be completely redesigned. We will see plenty of significant changes in all aspects. Base characteristics should remain the same. It will be a compact crossover, oriented mainly for urban conditions, with FWD or AWD layout. The 2016 Element will get a new platform. Once again, it will use the platform from CR-V, which will be slightly modified for this occasion. We will also see completely new look. The 2016 Element might keep its boxy shape, but it will come in completely new suit. It will be adapted to the company’s new design language.

2016 Honda Element interior

When it is about interior, complete redesign is also expected. We will see new styling of the cabin, center console and many other novelties. The 2016 Honda Element will also come very well equipped in all aspects. We will see plenty of advanced features in aspect of safety, drive-assist and safety.

2016 Honda Element side view

2016 Honda Element engine

Exact engines for 2016 Honda Element are still unknown. It is expect that company will follow the trend of engine downsizing. So, instead of old 2.4 liter engine, we will see some units with smaller displacement. It will most likely be a 1.5 liter engine, which is good enough for about 130 horsepower. Beside this engine, 1.8 liter engine also looks like very possible option. New model is expected to come both with manual and automatic transmissions in offer.

2016 Honda Element release date and price

The 2016 Honda Element is expected to come early next year. Base model should cost around 21.000 dollars, while top models could go up to over 30.000 dollars.

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