2016 Honda CRF50F

If you are a beginner, or you have some in your house, 2016 Honda CRF50F is perfect choice for you. As world’s leading motorcycle company, Honda also thinks on youngest riders. This motorcycle is designed for an absolute beginners. Everything on this bike is designed to be simple and easy to use. It features small dimensions, small engine with enough and easy-to-use power, excellent automatic transmission. Beside youngsters-friendly characteristics, this motorcycle is extremely economic. The 2016 Honda CRF50F has fantastic fuel economy and also demands extremely low costs of maintenance. Also, extremely approachable price is one of the bike’s main trumps.

2016 Honda CRF50F details

2016 Honda CRF50F side view

The 2016 Honda CRF50F is a motorcycle which is primarily designed for absolute beginners. It is small, with not much power, easy to use etc. However, some experienced riders could find this motorcycle interesting, because it still gives some dose of interesting riding and, on the other side, it has very low fuel consumptions and costs of maintenance so, it could be interesting for all those who don’t want to spend much money on theirs hobby.

2016 Honda CRF50F features

Although it is small and cheap, 2016 CRF50F is coming with plenty of great features and we will mention some of them. For example, it features a rugged steel frame, which makes this bike ready for bumps and dings of off-road riding. The main part of every motorcycle is engine. New Honda CRF50F features a 49cc single cylinder, four-stroke, air cooled engine, which is well balanced in terms of power and easiness of use. Also, this engine is well-made and it features high level of quality and durability so, forget about failures and other frustrations. The 2016 CRF50F features adjustable throttle limiter. With just a screw, you can set up just right configuration, depending on skills of the rider so, they will never go too fast. Also, there is a keyed ignition. There is a removable key, which ensures younger riders can’t go without parent’s supervision. The 2016 Honda CBF50F features a three-speed automatic transmission, which additionally makes ride so easy.

2016 Honda CRF50F rear view

2016 Honda CRF50F price

One of great things about 2016 Honda CRF50F is price. This bike costs only 1.400 dollars and goes with six-month warranty.

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